Zealandia and Prsänëa begin Provocations

Ave, Sandum Citizens.

I wish I could have addressed the State in a form of less urgency than this evening. However, due to recent provocations given by members of the Prsänëan government, as well as being a representative of the A1 government, and the King of Zealandia, I must do so in such a grave situation.

Over the past few weeks, relations with the Zealandian government have become tense, once more. However, it was not against our age-old struggle for peace between nations, but because of the integrity of our state. A few weeks ago, certain propaganda posters were made public by accident from an official within the Zealandian government. This government was prepared to ignore these provocative images, until the King of Zealandia became irate and began to attempt to have members of this government to erase and delete such disrespectful photos. Such tensions have grown since. We found it unnecessary to delete files which were embarassing and disrespectful to the very nature of the State; furthermore, we recognise the aggression at the time and, in the best interests of peace, we had decided not to pursue an apology. However, it seems that M. Fowler has found it necessary begin to harass members of this government in an effort to get his way, as it were.

This evening, M. Fowler began communication at 22:25:36 Sandum Standard Time; a few minutes later, at 22:29:29, M. Fowler continued to send harassing messages.

Gday Stalin, I mean Soergel

This message was the first, introduction message sent to the myself. According to the posters above, M. Fowler has continued to relate this State and Her Government to that of Stalin’s. Of course, I find no connection, as we have no purge, no famine and no destruction of people. Of course, our policies are controversial, but we stand by them and have no malice in our intent. It seems that such message was sent as a provocation because, later in the message, my correct name was sent. The following message, sent a few minutes later, was “how is things“.

At this time, I was away from my computer.

A few moments later, M. Wilary messaged me, speaking a language that I did not know or understand. However, I was able to comprehend a few words. The following are the first few messages:

Lehö wû ûėën, het ü dï ønd rot, dømkof. Jä hät ü.
Jä lät ü, aslöh.
¿Ü histêën fukè ya jä?

On the first line, I was able to comprehend one word and another sentence.“Dømkof” seems to come from the German word “dummkopf”, meaning “dumb head”. Of course, this State does not reply to insults and name calling, but the following sentence was rather alarming. “I hate you”, is what I understand it to be. The following line, I was unable to comprehend the first phrase, but the final word appears to be “asshole”. This government must ask the A1 government, for which M. Wilary works and represents, to remain accountable for the actions and breeches in decorum of her representatives, even when speaking privately with other heads of state.

I returned and replied to M. Wilary by saying I did not speak this language but had understood some words. I urged M. Wilary to “show discretion before talking to me on behalf of the A1 government again”. M. Wilary began to reply in this language and I asked him to cooperate and to speak in English. It seems that M. Wilary was incapable of doing so, as I warned M. Wilary a final time to return to our mutual language of English and warned him the repercussions to be taken by this government. M. Wilary continued to speak this language.

M. Fowler began to speak another language as well after I responded to his insults and disrespect against this State. M. Fowler called this government “box socialists”, obviously noting this government which so pursues socialism; we must question M. Fowler’s government which does not. It seems that M. Fowler’s use of this alien language to be a defence mechanism, meaning to this government that M. Fowler was aware of his actions and disrespect towards this State. M. Fowler was more forgiving in that he did eventually, despite some urging, return to our mutual language of English. I began to urge his First Minister Puglisi to advise the King to not conduct himself in such a manner again, especially one that aims to provoke our relations despite Sandus’ efforts to restore calm and peace.

However, the issue with A1 is not over. A1 continues to have a diplomatic embargo against this government, for reasons that were taken some time ago. It seems that this embargo has been broken by M. Wilary, who is a representative of the A1 government. We shall be communicating with the A1 government, either through direct or indirect media, to resolve this situation.

This government remains hopeful that affairs between A1 & Zealandia and Sandus may return to calm, peaceful mutual cooperation between the respectful nations. We hope that our affairs with all states may grow and prosper into peaceful relationships between peoples. However, we must note the disrespectful provocations between these parties and must ask that officials on all sides work together in order to restore an environment of mutual cooperation and peace. Furthermore, we must note that in order to restore calm and peace, we must begin to cooperate in an environment of respect and dignity between peoples.

— Sôgmô Sörgel

It must be noted that at the time of publication, M. Wilary continued to harass the Sandum Government.