Change in Istoria

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

A few days ago, this government uncovered news of a policy in the Kingdom of Istoria. In this policy, set up in the law, the government of Istoria shall make do its best to re-educate homosexuals to be heterosexuals. This practice, it is shown, does not work. However, according to the law, if they persist to have homosexual tendencies, they are expelled or executed according to the law. This government does not support the blatant violation of the rights of life of the LGBT community nor does it support the religious reasons behind the law, as Istoria is a Catholic nation.

We, however, learned the paranoia that is behind M. Kasbar. His belief that all things anti-Catholic, as he so calls them, are Free-Mason controversies exhibits his outward paranoia for his religious peers. Infact, if I may be so bold, it is relative to the same paranoia Adolf Hitler felt for the Jews, believing that all things anti-German were Jewish controversies. We shall ignore the anti-Communist rhetoric, as it is apparent that M. Kasbar is ignorant to the facts of Socialism and Communism.

I expect to address this situation in its entirety later this afternoon.

— Sôgmô Sörgel