Sôgmô Founds Collegio Sacerdae

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

I have, this evening, finished the Collegio Sacerdae’s Royal Charter, therefore founding our first cooperative in this state. This charter has now created the Collegio Sacerdae, an institution meant to express spiritual and philosophical beliefs. The Collegio Sacerdae will meet each month to discuss and express religious and spiritual beliefs, especially ancient spiritual beliefs. The Collegio Sacerdae will work to emphasise the importance of religious expression and to co-exist with other religions, which shall be done by learning about other religions.  Each of its meetings will take place in Dua Sandus, a new region of Sandus found exclusively on Second Life, and are public except when denoted as being sacro, or sacred, where only Sandum citizens and Collegio Members may meet. The meetings of the Collegio, too, shall be sacrosanct, as in it shall be a religious and spiritual offence to disturb the meeting.

The Collegio Sacerdae will be run by a Sacra Flameno, or Sacred Priest. The Sacra Flameno’s office is synonymous with that of the Sôgmô’s, making the Sôgmô the Sacra Flameno. The Sacra Flameno may designate roles and objectives to Maiora Flamenae, or Major Priests, upon a recommendation from the Collegio or by himself, and may either accept or deny the recommendation. He may also remove a Maiora Flameno from office. The Sacra Flameno and Maiora Flamenae will make up the Sacra Regio de le Collegio Sacerdae, or Sacred Regia of the Collegio Sacerdae. All the meetings of the Sacred Regio are private.

We hope to begin a few projects now, including having an audio library of the Orphic Hymns. We shall meet for our first meeting in Dua Sandus in June. Hope you make it! The charter can be read in its entirety here.

— Sôgmô Sörgel