Collegio Sacerdae Expected Soon

Ave, Populum Sandus!

For those of you familiar with the internal workings of the State of Sandus, you may be familiar with the Collegio Sacerdae, a college of priests that has been proposed by the Sôgmô and has been under discussion since March. The Sôgmô is currently in the process of drafting a Royal Charter for this institution, and it is expected to be meeting within the coming weekends.

The planned meetings will take place in the online game “Second Life”, and will be open to all Sandum citizens, aswell as foreigners who are invited by the Dean of the Collegio. The purpose of these meetings held by the Collegio Sacerdae will be to discuss philosophy, religion, and other intellectual subjects. This is well-fitting to Sandus, as Sandus is a nation with a strong foundation of philosophy, aswell as a cultural embrace of the Gods of many ancient civilizations. Many Sandum citizens (including Sôgmô Soergel, a Buddhist) find a strong interest in ancient religion, including the Hellenic Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Roman Gods, and perhaps more unique, the Abenaki Gods, as Sôgmô Soergel is a member of the Abenaki tribe, a Native American tribe found mostly in the Northeastern United States and Québec.

If you are interested in joining the discussion and coming to a meeting of the Collegio Sacerdae in the coming weeks, then contact the Dean of the Collegio at for more information.

Joseph Puglisi,
Citizen of Sandus and Writer for Veritum Sandus