Sôgmô Replies to Espionage Charges

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

I wish I could write this under less pressing circumstances and something related to our state. However, that can not be so. This government has been mentioned as illegally interfering in the internal affairs of another government, an action which is much despised by this state and government. This government did not illegally interfere with the affairs of Zealandia nor did it interfere in a government we do not recognise. However, we did have a “man” on the ground, me, and we were investigating and gathering information on the state.

However, and perhaps most damning to the Zealandian Times’ criticism of this government, this government was asked to become involved in a situation that we were concerned about, as that concern was warranted by M. Puchowski and M. van der Hoeven. We were asked to become involved in Zealandia by a few of its citizens: Mssrs. Thomson, Puglisi and van der Hoeven. Seeing that this government has a policy of becoming involved in a case of a state where this government has been concerned over previously in course by the invitation to become involved given by its own citizens, we honoured the request. The idea of putting “boots” on the ground was M. van der Hoeven’s; however, I could not do so as the Sôgmô, as this government does not recognise Zealandia’s government. Then, I came across the idea of going in under-cover, which is espionage. Let me say, it was difficult and rather unnerving to me to be “under-cover“, as it were. All the while, I maintained communication with those who asked me to be there.

However, last night, it became apparent that one which we had trusted had, well… “ratted” us out to the government. I was caught, and I never once lied that M. Morris was indeed me; infact, I changed my name on Skype to “Special Envoy Sörgel“.

The most alarming thing is that this government was correct. M. Bayer admitted to wanting to remove certain elements of Zealandia, in order to pass his own legislation. He wanted to destroy the Zealandia as it is today, a Zealandia that this government has seen as being a good prospect. The fact that the aims of their government is to utterly destroy and repress their country led us into the nation in the first place. M. van der Hoeven has been tried, M. Puglisi shall be sentenced in a few days time. However, this government will not give up on the request and petition heard to it from these Zealandian citizens.

This is but a Pyrrhic victory. We have won, but at a cost to the honour and functions of this state. However, there ought to be no doubts that this government would not ever do it again. As previously stated, we became involved when this state’s own citizens asked us to, members of their own government even. We heard and honoured the petition; I did my best to advise them and shall still do so. However, we have indeed gained a victory: a referendum shall be given to see if Frederic Bayer shall be indeed removed from Zealandia. Details of this referendum shall be obtained by this government and we hope that this government receives correct and unaltered information, as M. Fowler has come to this government before and had asked for advice on rigging elections.

We have begun a process, but we have not yet removed an awful, repressive man from the face of the politics of Zealandia. We hope and shall honour the invitation to recognise a hopeful-future government of the Zealandian Democratic Front and the Social Democratic Party.

— Sôgmô Sörgel