Sôgmô sends Requests to 8 States

In mid-April, this government pledged to introduce a new initiative that would introduce formal relations with several states. Today, it has met those promises by requesting of 8 states for formal relations. Whilst this action does not render, or seek to render, a treaty between Sandus and these states, it does request to formally set the wheels in motion so that both Sandus and these states may work together in the near future on various issues concerning Sandus and those which Sandus is seeking relations with. This government hopes to work with these states in the near future, in order to pursue policies of good-neighbourliness and pursue policies of peace that will aid both parties on mutual grounds. The Sôgmô has released that requests were sent to St.Charlie, Landashir, Egtavia, Flandrensis, Arkel, Wyvern, Dorzhabad and Austenasia.

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