Channum Unum to launch new Red Army Parades

Channum Unum Festai, the channel on Channum Unum devoted specifically to Sandum holidays, has announced its hopes to publish on its site all Red Army parades on Red Square, including one from St.Petersburg. The selection would begin with the black & white film of the 1945 Victory Parade on Red Square and end with the 2011 Victory Parade in St.Petersburg. Included will be October Revolution Marches, May 1st Marches, May 9th/Victory Day Marches and funerals of Soviet premiers. Channum Unum has also announced that it will publish the 1975 CPSU Congress on its Channum Unum Partio channel, the channel made specifically for the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus.

All of these videos can be found on line at YouTube.