Sôgmô publishes Report on OAM

The Sôgmô has published a report concerning recent calls to return to the Organisation of Active Micronations. In response to the calls, he has rejected them and given three primary reasons as to why the state shall not be applying for membership back into the OAM. He has also provided more information on Sandus’ foreign policy concerning international organisations. The conversation found within the report is available upon request to the Sôgmô by Skype or the government’s e-mail.

The report may be viewed here.

3 thoughts on “Sôgmô publishes Report on OAM

  1. I will stress that while some good points are brought up in this report, I think that some of my quotes regarding the inter-relation between diplomacy and personal relations between micronationalists were… misunderstood.

    I do support at the same time- friendliness between micronationalists of opposing ideologies and fierce debate between the said ideologies. Things like what happened between Fish and von Linden were a result of a PERSONAL dislike between them. (Or, that must have been somehow related) While the fierce political debates should continue, it should not get out of hand like that, and I feel that if micronationalists are friendly towards each other on a personal level, it will not get out of hand in that way.

  2. ”Bradley has been seemingly been not held accountable for his words before in the organisation for being an observer, despite the fact that he is technically an observer for Wyvern.”

    Actualy, You cant be a Observer if your not a citizen of a memberstate. And all citizens who have a active forum acount and are part of a micronation that is part of the OAM can participate in the OAM electionsf or every position.

    Its not my fault as I am seeing this specialy directed to me, as there are far more in the same shoes as I am. The OAM is fine.

    Also, you do harbor hatred to people personaly, me for instance.

    • Then… how are you an observer? And, such would be a structural failure of the OAM and something which we disagree with its structure.

      This entire report was not directed at you, no, nor was any specific bit. It was directed at a few who have said that I should rejoin the OAM and this is my response.
      Furthermore, I harbour no hatred towards you, and I believe I would know as they are my human emotions. Of course, if you’re going to tell me that I don’t understand my own emotions, then that’s another issue that I’m sure you would know no evidence to. I do not hate you, I just find you and your politics frustrating.

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