Sôgmô publishes anti-Child Abuse program

Ave, Sandum citizens!

Under the spiritual guidance of my teacher, Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, I have been urged to do something that promotes the world that we live in. Those who know Jetsunma and attend Kunzang Palyul Chöling know how much is done in the means of preserving the lives of animals; however, one of the more inherent problems in our world is Child Abuse. It is towards those means and the guidance given to me by Jetsunma that I would like to utilise our will as a sovereign people to do what is needed to help those affected by Child Abuse.

Two organisations, in our region, provide assistance to those affected by this type of Abuse, Childhelp and Stop CSA. There are several types of abuse, and each case varies. A few of our citizens, too, have been affected by Child Sexual Abuse and through conversations with them I understand how personal and important this subject is to them. Although our government may not be able to donate many resources to these programs or much time, I do intend to make donations each month, on behalf of our state, to these organisations.  I welcome all Sandum citizens to join with me in showing solidarity with those affected by child abuse and to, if they so please, publish their donations’ amounts to the government in order to understand how much help we as a state give to these donations.

In addition to these anti-Child Abuse organisations, I plan on donating my time and more of my personal money — as we have no central treasury or taxes in Sandus — to more organisations. It will be my hope to, under the guidance I have received from Jetsunma, to plant more trees and donate food and clothing to homeless in our region and I urge the rest of my fellow citizens to follow suit. In addition, I am examining our possibility of helping to fund Roma Pro Vita, a Relay For Life group in Second Life that has donated thousands of dollars in the past to the American Cancer Society. And, finally, I am looking into the possibility of our state adopting or supporting Day of Silence.

— Sôgmô William Sörgel

For more information on abuse,
please visit About Child Abuse at Childhelp.org.