Sôgmô awards Maggiore Sovereign Eagle

The Memorial Flag of the Order of the Sovereign Eagle

Since Fall 2009, Nick Maggiore was a writer who worked relentlessly to provide the best news to the community working on behalf of the St.Charlian Observer. His articles always brought sense and I know, just by their writing, that he did his best. By doing his best, he certainly made the Observer one of the premier newspapers of our community. This certainly is a sad and sorry day and to show Sandus’ regret, I can but only make a gesture that is certainly insignificant to the time. I would like to posthumously award Nick Maggiore Sandus’ highest award, the Order of the Sovereign Eagle, First Class; as well as the necessary awards he deserves, including the Order of the Gods, First Class, and the Ribbon of Athena, First Class. For his selfless work to this community, he shall eternally have Sandus’ gratitude.

By this effort, may all causes resulting in suffering be extinguished, and only the light of compassion shine throughout all realms.

— Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo