Referendum on Government: Ref.040911

The State Caucus has created a referendum for the people of Sandus to vote on. This referendum will guide the State Caucus to create the upcoming constitution, meant to be due no later than April 14th. Two different systems are questioned about on the referendum: direct democracy or monarchy. The referendum also provides some past information on the Sandum government and certain restrictions on both systems. For the direct democracy, the State Caucus’ referendum explains, “a certain degree of activity of its citizens” is needed, yet a monarchy “may be best for a unification of the people under one leader“, though it may “hinder some expression of the people.” In both systems, the referendum notes, traditional Sandum rights will not be abridged and that, under the monarchy, the right to petition the government would exist.

Below is the entire text of the referendum:

The State Caucus is considering two forms of government for Sandus. Both are based upon the expression of the Sandum people’s sovereign will as a people, however both differ in the ways of that expression. Sandus has always been under the de facto control of its founder, Will Sörgel, however it has always had a government that actively expresses the interests and promotes the welfare of its people.

The State Caucus, to those means, has now considered two forms of government: direct democracy or a monarchy.
A direct democracy will include a Tribune of the People, in whom central power is delegated to and is to be elected each month, and an Assembly of the People of Sandus.
A monarchy will include a Lord of Sandus, in whom all power will be delegated to and the right to petition for redress is not abridged.
To both systems, the traditional Sandum rights shall not be abridged.
A direct democracy may be best for the expression of the people, but would work best with a certain degree of activity from its citizens; whereas, a monarchy may be best for the unification of the people under one leader, but would certainly hinder some expression of the people.

Therefore, to which system do you prefer the State Caucus create the government on?”