State Caucus passes Resolution 040511

The State Caucus has passed a resolution, granting its constitution-drafting power to the Presiding Member. The resolution lays out a new form of government for Sandus, an absolute monarchy. The news comes after the Constitution-draft for a Democratic People’s Republic was rejected at national referendum and after, in the State Caucus, plans were made to make the de facto sole power of Sörgel written in the law. The founding law, rather than a constitution, will include various rights for the People of Sandus and, indeed, a layout and structure of the government under the monarchy. Below is the resolution passed by the Caucus:


Resolution 040511

The State Caucus delegates its power to the Presiding Member of Sandus, who shall, before April 14, 2011, draft a founding law for the creation of a monarchy based upon Sandum sovereignty, independence, socialism, mos maiorum, and virtues, without hindrance to the right to petition and freedom of speech of the People.