State Caucus to vote on Constitution

The State Caucus of Sandus, the provisional legislature of the country, is to meet tonight at 00:00 GMT, or 19:00 GMT-5 (Sandum Local Time). The State Caucus has one item on the agenda for tonight: the Constitution. Should the State Caucus ratify the Constitution tonight, the national referendum, that is submitted to the entire electorate, shall commence. Following a majority vote for ratification, the Constitution shall be in force at 00:00 GMT-5 (SLT), or 05:00 GMT. Following the ratification, the State Caucus shall oversee the election process formed in Section Four, Sub-Section One; with elections taking place at 12:00 GMT-5 (SLT), or 17:00 GMT, the Central People’s Government shall be affirmed in the evening.

The probability of the State Caucus ratifying the Constitution is very high, with one member most-likely to abstain. Presiding Member Sörgel, who drafted the current version of the Constitution, stated he will likely run for a seat in the People’s Chamber of the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus, part of the Central People’s Government, and hopes to be elected People’s President. No other State Caucus members have expressed an interest in running for re-election, as of yet.