Sandus to Japan: Money and Respect

A few days ago, Sandus’ oldest foreign policy was enacted: to aid people that needed humanitarian aid.

Presiding Member Sörgel, on behalf of the State Caucus of Sandus and the Sandum people, authorised a large sum of private money to be transferred from his account and donated that sum to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, acting upon a policy dating from June 2009 that is in line with Socialist policies of Sandus. The amount of money has not been released, in order to hopefully prosper more donations on behalf of Sandus and her allies. The aim of the donation was to feed and clothe the people of Sendai, Japan, after a massive 9.0 earthquake and a 100-meter tall tsunami destroyed that city and region. Sandus aims to donate more money to Japan in the coming days; and, the Presiding Member has called upon his fellow Sandum citizens and his intermicronational allies to donate money to the cause underhand by the IFRCRCS.

The donation was made after more troubling news was heard about Japan and, specifically, Sendai, Japan. Reports have said that a 180 man-team has entered the reactors on a suicide mission to cool the reactors, after several explosions at the reactors. Both Reactors 1 and 3, it has been reported, have released large amounts of radiation, which has now reached the western coast of America. The Presiding Member, acting upon the initiatives of several Sandum people, ordered a day of solemn respect for Saturday, March 19th, 2011. The Presiding Member called upon other micronationalists, micronational leaders and Sandum people to abstain from luxuries, such as video games and movies, in order to show respect and solidarity with the people of Sendai. The Presiding Member is due to lay a bouquet of early-spring flowers in Sandus to show respect for the 180-man team, who will most likely pass away due to radiation sickness or cancer.