Channum Unum adds “Yes, Minister”

Earlier this morning, the early 1980s hit-sitcom, Yes, Minister, began its first episode on Channum Unum. Presiding Member Sörgel announced the news, as Channum Unum has remained a state-run channel since July 2009, that Yes, Minister and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister would begin to air regularly on Channum Unum. The move to add the episode, Power to the People, will be the first of a series of both sitcoms that will stretch from the first episode of Yes, Minister to the last episode of Yes, Prime Minister, the sequel made two years after the original sitcom.

It is not yet certain how long the series on Channum Unum will run, though that it will cover roughly 38 episodes of the five series. The episode being aired, Power to the People, concerns the issue between national and local governments. Minister Hacker, who is seeking such a reform of local government to make a name for himself in history, consults his permanent secretary, Sir Humphrey, who is trying to maintain the current state of national government supremacy. The episode depicts in wonderful character the difficult workings of a “British democracy“, a system which is constructed to keep things from “the hands of the barbarians” — such as the opera and the universities, both of them.

To watch the episode, click here.

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