Presiding Member promises Constitution

The Presiding Member of the State Caucus of Sandus Will Sörgel has promised the new constitution for Sandus to be finish drafted and ratified by the end of the month. M. Sörgel stated that the new constitution will provide economic, social and civil rights to Sandum citizens and provide for a simple, legitimately based government that will aim for activity and decisive action. The draft of the constitution comes after Sandus seceded from the Federal Republic of St.Charlie in February 2011. The Presiding Member has stated that a unicameral People’s Chamber with 30 seats will elect a People’s President of the Republic as chief executive and a Speaker of the Chamber as presiding member of the People’s Chamber. It is unclear how exactly the nation will form around localities, though it is likely that districts similar to those under the former Democratic People’s Republic of 2010 will be retained to form the districts under this newest government. The constitution is expected, again, by the end of the month.