Calendar Committee publishes 2728 (2011) Sancta Calendar

The Calendar Committee, with the Governor of Sandus Sörgel chairing, has published the 2728 calendar, or March 2011 – March 2012 Calendar in the Gregorian calendar. This calendar includes Roman festivals to various gods and whilst the Chair of the Committee has stated that “there is more work to be done, by far, I am certain that the addition of these ancient festivals, key national dates and such will help provide us with a basis for expanding on our calendar“. The Governor, who is chairing the committee, has stated that the monthly calendars will be subject to monthly events and then, furthermore, weekly events shall be delegated to the committee. The Governor hopes to add, next, ancient Greek, Carthaginian and Egyptian festivals, in addition to some modern day festivals and Buddhist holidays. The 2728 Sancta can be viewed here and please note that the calendar begins March 2010 in the Gregorian calendar.

Looking for Sandum Holidays? They can be viewed here, too. Enjoy!