Governor chairs Calendar Committee

Governor Sörgel is set to chair the Calendar Committee this weekend, an governmental body that was promulgated in the Act Concerning the Calendar of Sandus of February 2011. The Calendar Committee shall be creating a calendar on Google complete with all information concerning the Calendar and all special dates of the calendar, including kalends, nones, ides, feriae, dies fasti, dies comitiales, dies nefasti, dies nefasti et praecipi, dies endotercisa and dies financi praecipi. According to the Act Concerning the Calendar, the calendar shall be complete with all national holidays, important administrative days, festivals, dates in the new Calendar, a differing placement of the months and a year number that is from the year of the death of Romulus to the current time. Work on the Calendar is expected to be finished by March 1st, when the new calendar and the law concerning it becomes active. All dates in Sandus shall be complete in both the (Old) Gregorian and the (New) Sancta calendars, with the expectation of the new calendar replacing the old calendar in June 2011.

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