Govenor to draft CCPS Constitution

Governor Sörgel, the chairman of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus, is setting to draft the constitution of the party, expecting the constitution to be completed before the end of March by the latest. The move comes whilst the government is preparing for the May 9th Remembrance Day celebrations and whilst the governor sets to chair the Calendar Committee in Sandus. The constitution will be the first formal founding article for the party, that has been in existence for just under two years without any formal provisions. The party, which has been in command of Sandus since its independence on May 26th, 2009, will be taking active steps to forming a clear-cut, formal party. Governor Sörgel has stated that “the CCPS-run government ought to formalise the party as it is the only party in our government” and that this action “will not abridge the right of our citizens to form their own political parties”.

The layout of the party will consist of a national congress of all party members throughout the nation, led by a Central Committee. The Chairman will run the congress and the central committee and, whilst this may be a primitive structure for the party, it will enable the party to be universal and for ease of use. The Governor also plans to create a paramilitary force, that will dutifully protect the territory, the party and the current CCPS-government in the lack of any such policing or defense force for the territory. The paramilitary is meant to be based off the Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse and the Munkásőrség in practice.