Governor confirms Party standing, pledges complete activity

Governor Sörgel, after an early morning discussion that resulted in his leaving of the Micropolitan chatroom and pledging “never to help the community again” due to his treatment as if he was “a piece of furniture“, has re-affirmed his responsibility as General-Secretary of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus. He continued in stating that he will be creating a new state-run channel created especially for the party, Channum Unum Partio, and will be writing up the Party constitution in the coming months. Party membership packets should be sent out rather soon and shall include membership due booklets, membership cards and vital resources for Party members, with only the party membership card being needed to be made.

Governor Sörgel then vowed that he will be devoting all his time to Sandus to advance the infrastructure of the Territory. In part, he shall be writing new laws concerning policing in Sandus, a possible establishment of a university in Sandus, codification of Channum Unum, and a review of all government work to be done in the spring.