Reversal of Something Good in Zealandia

Well, it turns out that my hopes that I wrote a few hours before were false. It seems that M. Fowler has been manipulated, again, by M. Bayer and has rescinded the temporary merger that he made with Sirocco, in order to force M. Bayer out of power. It seems that M. Bayer, notorious for his ability to argue his viewpoint until there was none, was able to do it all again, this time with his co-patriot and friend. This reminds me of the actions of his “character” Marco Dresner, when M. Dresner suspended the union with Nemkhavia almost a year ago. What is fantastic is that M. Bayer did the same role he did last year, and the same role he played when Eleytheria left the St.Charlian Commonwealth, he has destroyed unity and the golden promises of unity.

Now, M. Mejakhansk made a valid point on the matter this evening, when I was speaking to him. He was perfectly correct in his assumption that M. Bayer will continue to return. He will do anything he can to return: if we ban his account, he will make another; if we ban his IP-address, he will use a proxy. And though it will be difficult keeping up with him, there is one bit of advice: bans, just like the laws of the people or of the government, must be enforced by that same body. We must enforce the ban we set in place, we must maintain our communal peace, our communal stability. To be honest, I was over-joyed when I learned that M. Anderson had been able to expel M. Bayer from Zealandia. As most of us know now, my ultimatum and my advice to the administrators that was addressed to M. Fowler was very simple in its originality: Choose either Frederic or choose this community. Of course, M. Tierney made it more diplomatic — and kudos to him, and I was over-joyed at the fact that I wouldn’t have to follow through with my ultimatum as I find M. Fowler to be a kind and generous person. I was, even, planning on granting him several medals and orders of Sandus, including: 2nd class Medal of Partnership, meant to be for Socialist, Social Democratic, or Communist allies of Sandus or the CCPS, and the 2nd class Order of the Gods, meant to be for those who advance peace.

However, as we saw, M. Fowler completely reversed his actions. He decided to virtually call off the union with Sirocco and re-appoint M. Bayer to his previous position. This was completely astounding and I was rather taken aback by M. Fowler’s quick counter-action. I tried to persuade M. Fowler to reconsider, though I am afraid that M. Fowler stood fast to his action to restore M. Bayer’s powers. I told him that that would mean that the ultimatum must continue. I then formally motioned the ultimatum to the administration, to Philip Fish and to Alexander Reinhardt, who both affirmed such actions. As M. Fish pointed out, it is without a doubt that my simple-majority requirement in the vote will be met by the administration, as M. Bralesford is for the action and M. Fish declared that M. Lucas was for it as well. As we now have a two-to-four dead-lock, and M. Bralesford went to bed right before I begun the vote, we will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if M. Bralesford affirms the action, well before the twenty-four hour deadline I gave M. Fowler.

A “plan” is in preparation and should be received by Sunday evening, for us in the EU-US time area (GMT+1 to GMT-8). I must declare, though, that this plan is meant to take some time for it to get rid of M. Bayer. As M. Fowler described it, “we needed to get rid of him slowly”. I, on the other hand, disagree. We have waited long enough. We have waited for two months to get rid of him and he has crawled his way to his last remaining ally in this community: to Zealandia. He has been sheltered there; which has, for the past month, unnerved some. It wasn’t until last week that I realised what exactly this meant, I admit. M. Bayer personally attacked several personal and private friends of mine, disgraced the names of various nations and did what he does best- he began several arguments. This is the pre-text for the ultimatum, and this is the pre-text for why and how it must be administered and enforced. This plan will take too long and, despite how “mean” it may be, judgement day is calling. I’ve given M. Fowler plenty of time to “plan”, it’s been a week. The best plan he could come up with is the war with Sirocco and its ending with the removal of M. Bayer and that failed. It’s time for the farmer to harvest his crops, and M. Fowler must be an unwise farmer; you reap what you sew. I even provided M. Fowler the necessary means to contact me, if this ultimatum is enforced; he knows perfectly well what will happen. This shall not affect the individual foreign affairs between the many nations of this community with Zealandia; it shall not force its hand on the treaties of her allies, but only restrict Bayer from his “trolling” of this community. And so, M. Fowler, M. Bayer and the United Kingdom of Zealandia, until the next time that we shall greet eachother, I bid thee, in the traditional Sancta final farewell, adeae*.

*Plural of adeo, from the French farewell “adieu“, literally ‘to God’, from Old French, “a Dieu vous comant” or ‘I commend you to God’