Zealandia’s Tough Action, Fowler Commended

News concerning the background motive of the war has come out from the Alston Picayune. The interior motive behind the Sirocco-Zealandia War was to unify both states and make it so that M. Sebastian von Linden would be fired from his position as minister. Governor Soergel and M. Tierney of Egtavia have formally condoned and commended the action of M. Fowler, with M. Soergel saying that “I found M. Fowler to be a good ruler, and a very good person.” Governor Soergel also stated that he understood that this would be a tough and controversial issue, just as M. Soergel’s ultimatum was, and understand the unorthodox, yet justified, action taken by M. Fowler. M. Soergel has, too, nominated M. Fowler for the 2nd class Medal of Partnership and Knighthood in the Order of the Gods, both decorations of the Territory of Sandus, for the advancement of Socialism and the promotion of peace.