Warning: New Micronations, Respect the Community! (Part One)

I am afraid that, months after a time known to many of us as the “Great Ideological Conflict”, I must continue my work as a faithful Socialist. Just this past Saturday, December 18th, two new micronations came to our community: The “Neo-Soviet Union” and the “United States of the New West”; I find it odd that both stylise themselves in this manner, so uncreative and so obvious to their reasons. This review shall combine resources at my disposal and the direct words of the creators of these two states; I ask them to be mindful of my attitude in this community and, of those who know me micronationally, they know that I do not play around and that I do my job to the best of my ability.

Neo-Soviet Union

Even as a Leninist-Marxist Communist, I am rather amazed at this name. The prefix “neo” to me reminds me of things that are corrupted on something “good” or “bad”, in the case of neo-Nazism. Neo-paganism, neo-druidism; these things to me tell me of the modern perceptions of once past great things. If one truly wishes to capture the “good” essence of something past, I recommend not using the same essence in its name. For example, why would one purposefully re-use the word “Soviet”; I can guarantee that one’s government is not run or ruled by soviets and, to be frank, I would be slightly amazed if one actually knew what the word meant. You can use the Wikipedia definition, for all I care; In fact, I will even provide you with it: “Soviet is derived from a Russian word signifying council (sic)[T]he soviets were a grassroots effort to practice direct democracy.” But, let us get past my review of the name and let us get into what was said.

December 18th,2010 Here at the Neosoviet Union we are just going public in our quest to restore the great glory of Communist Society to the world. Since establishment, we have grown exponentially, but like true communist visionaries, we will not be satisfied until the whole world is swept over in Communist Revolution. That is we in the NUSSR yearn for you to turn to the good side and become one with all of Russia. We ask that people either apply for citizenship or apply for their micronation’s assimilation into the Union with guranteed semi-sovereignty. Just Click the Button labeled ASSIMILATE at the top of the page to begin the process.

Dosvedaniya, Comrades!

Before I begin, if one is going to use a common phrase in another language, one should know how to actually say it and write it. До свидания is spelt two words, as one can see, and is also pronounced “Da svee-dahn-ee-ya”; not “Dosvedaniya”, which is one word and there is an over-emphasis of stress on the O in Do. My apologies for over analysing this, yet I have been taking Russian for two years and we are still on how to conjugate the present tense of simple verbs, which is very frustrating for me.

Now, the “quest to restore the great glory of Communist Society to the world“. I do believe one means “Socialist Society” because there has never been a Communist one. Here is Communism 101: Communists believe in the necessity for a Socialist society to be in existence until the social norms of society is converted so that there is no longer a need for a government. Roughly, that will be my definition of Communist; I am not arguing the support for it or its necessity, but that is what I have gathered from my past work in Communism. There is also many differing views on how to reach that society in which government is no longer required; some say that there is a need for a totalitarian government to exist in order to change society’s norms, others call for a social democratic government and I am afraid that there is usually little consensus in the ranks of Revolutionary Comrades.

Now, if we were to adopt the new phrase, I do believe that this would still anger both wings of this community. As a Communist and as Secretary-General of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus, I would argue that that glory is still here in the form of us many micronations. A few micronations today continue to follow their revolutionary paths: Sandus is still Socialist, though now more Social Democratic; Egtavia is a Socialist government by democratic popularity; Nemkhavia is a Socialist government by majority. St.Charlie, too, is fairly Socialist, as one can see at the current election results; and, Landashir is fairly Social Democratic as well. The staunch majority of this community is either Socialist or Social Democratic and I doubt that all of us can say that we are a corrupt glory of our ideals and believe that we are great in our work as governments and as states.
These governments have been professional in their diplomacy, active in their policies and great in our work altogether. St.Charlie has adopted a wonderful representative democracy that has worked for over two years; Nemkhavia has proven to be a great nation and a great ally in the way of peace in this community; Landashir has proven to be a wonderful participant in the work of many alliances; Egtavia has been great in its purpose to expand in our very own version of micronational science, which is now ever-continuing with the help of the Honourable, former Tsar M. Tierney of Renasia and Scientopia; and, there are so many other great nations that have contributed to this community in fantastic ways: A1, Flandrensis, Wyvern, et cetera.

Since establishment, we have grown exponentially, but like true communist visionaries, we will not be satisfied until the whole world is swept over in Communist Revolution.” I do not argue that you may have grown, but all nations grow. How do you define your growth? Sandus, although it may not have grown in its population greatly per se, has grown in its ability to govern. Nemkhavia has grown in its ability as a diplomatic contributor. St.Charlie has grown as a democratic government and in population. Too, I am afraid that I even have doubts that Socialist Revolution will come to all so soon. Sooner or later, I do believe that the world may be Socialist, but that will not be until the very nations we say today will turn to dust and new ideas, new concepts, will replace them. Democracy, Socialism, Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism: these names and members will only last so long, but their ideas may last for a longer time. In the 2nd Century BC, the Gracchi brothers endeavoured to alter the Roman Republic to grant more power to the Plebeians, rather than to the Patricians, and they offered land reform; Their ideas persisted until the 17th century when the Diggers were defeated like the Gracchi brothers; and in the 19th century, Marx published Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto. These ideas, though argue they may in some respects, are much more different than the ideas of “lineage” of Nationalism. It is impossible to know if in one-hundred or in one-thousand years that our Socialist Revolution will be accomplished and I am afraid that we, as socialists, ought to be realistic in our goals.

That is we in the NUSSR yearn for you to turn to the good side and become one with all of Russia.” I am afraid that I have many doubts that one is from Russia or the very personification of that country. Russia and her many Republics, today, are no longer Socialist; I also doubt that any Russian would forget that Do svidaniya is two words.

We ask that people either apply for citizenship or apply for their micronation’s assimilation into the Union with guranteed semi-sovereignty.” Assimilate?, Truly? No country nor any people need to “assimilate” to be Socialist for Socialism is a thought, whereas one assimilates to a society’s culture. I am afraid that, even though I do believe in Socialist revolution, that I do not believe in the subversion of national integrity nor sovereignty in order to become “socialist”. I do believe that goal can be obtained by the Revolutionaries of a nation on their own, rather than the need of one nation to subvert one’s government in order for that country to confirm to the other. I staunchly believe in Sandus’ current state of “autonomy” in the St.Charlian Commonwealth and I, still, am watchful of any attempts to subvert the national (not Federal) sovereignty of Sandus or Her People. It is to my belief that, should one wish to truly advance the Socialist Revolution, that one must adopt a character of readiness to fight for that revolution. I feel as if I am prepared to fight each day for Socialist Revolution, not by physical conflict but, more importantly, by belief and word. I would like to believe that I am prepared to fight for my Socialist beliefs, nay — perish for them, not because they are an evil belief of terror or of death or of manipulation or of oppression, but because I believe in the morality of treating people equally, in providing for those who suffer with only what one would want for themselves when they suffer, in the ability to advance oneself and society as a whole.

I would say that I identify with my beliefs with those of a 1970’s or 1980’s Soviet Union or a 1970’s Socialist Hungary. The ideas of both advance the social participation of the government to advance the lives of her citizens and advanced the liberty of her citizens as well. In 1970’s Hungary, the people of Hungary enjoyed relaxed views on “socialism”, people were aloud to own business and private property; however, that still allows the unequal ability of one to advance their private will and express such to manipulate and exploit the people. I believe in a Soviet Union of the 1970’s or early-1980’s, in which people could create for themselves an agency of the government to fulfil their business, work with their workers in planning and producing, and equally share the product and its profit to both society and economics. I believe in the destruction of the current capitalist ideas of market, money and business and re-founding those ideas with the very necessities to the lives and enjoyment of the people and the best equal possibility for all to advance. In the Soviet Constitution of the 1977, the Constitution prescribed certain rights to its people: freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion and several rights of artistic work, protection of the family, inviolability of the person and home, and the right to privacy; unlike capitalist democracies, it provided economic rights as well, including rights to work, rest and leisure, health protection, care in old age and sickness, housing, education, and cultural benefits. This, to me, shows that we as Socialists are able to advance what we, essentially, believe in: the end of suffering for all people by material elites.