Act of Grievances Orchestrated by von Linden

Although the OAM is seemingly disassembling itself at its seams, I do feel as if there is a voice of reason in it now. Perhaps, for the first time in many months, someone has actually took a vehement stand on something that I feel ought to be brought to attention. M. Fish, founder of the OAM, and His state’s government have lodged a diplomatic protest against the government of Zealandia; a diplomatic protest which I support.

The Zealandian news report says that M. Fish has violated the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Zealandia, however, I do not believe that there is even a basis for any such violation. Their explanation makes no coherent sense, because apparently it “violated Zealandia’s sovereignty in the fact that it  that the Zealandian government infringe on a citizens constitutional rights and therefore is completely disregarding our sovereignty“. That sentence makes it out, to me, that the only thing that was violated was M. von Linden’s rights, because his government couldn’t protect them. Perhaps, too, I should remind the community that, though the OAM may be an organisation, most organisations do not warrant various rights. The right of M. von Linden’s are unfound and, frankly, another immature tantrum of M. von Linden himself. Perhaps he should stop, as M. Fish put it, “trolling” and get on with his life. And whilst I may not be an OAM member or delegate, I am an observer who does take a semi-keen regard to her affairs as it does imply me, as a Territory of St.Charlie. M. von Linden, known hereby as Frederic, is a man whom I once respected for his earnest ability to be truthful and be head-strung. However, that is no more.

Frederic, for the past few months, has lobbied several other micronational leaders to follow what he wishes.

He has made several false, impromptu scenarios to lobby politicians, lied and deceived myself and this office, has been unfaithful to his membership in this Commonwealth and to his friendship to the whole lot of us, and, above all else, has been disrespectful to the staunch majority of members of this community.

He has joked concerning mental disabilities by proclaiming that a colleague of mine was “mentally retarded” because of her “inability” to write German, despite her being a Swiss citizen from the German-speaking area of Switzerland.

He, too, has wrongly generalised the staunch majority of Europeans, with emphasis on Britons, by saying that they would have no hindrance to declare and proclaim a person mentally retarded, because that is what they are.

He has shown disrespect to M. Bralesford, President of Egtavia, mocking his emotional health and well-being by telling him to “shut up” about his distaste of school and the pressure he undoubtedly faces from school and his peers.

He has shown disrespect towards me by interfering in the territorial sovereignty of my nation by contravening and making it his regard concerning Sandus’ very own personal affairs, affairs which are subject only to myself as elected-sovereign of Sandus and to us as citizens of this Territory.

He has shown disrespect towards this community at large by declaring and backing the very take-over of this community by Kyng Fyrst and was less concerned by the democratic will of the members of this community to preserve our state of affairs and motioned to adopt a wrongful dictator to the helm of this community.

He has shown disrespect to the Federal Republic by exiting its Commonwealth with little regard to its government or its people and by giving no direct written word to the member-states of the Commonwealth or Her Founding Country, St.Charlie.

He has shown constant immaturity by constantly throwing temper tantrums to the various members of the Community and the various internet social rooms, the Micropolitan for example, and a blatant need to be “noticed”.

He has argued again and again affairs which do not, in the slightest, concern him or his state.

He has intervened in the internal affairs of several states, has been one of the causes to such state’s termination and failure, and has therefore violated the integrity and sovereignty of those several states.

He has been a general nuisance, annoying the very members of this community with his various factions which, just as he has done with various states, have subverted the nationa sovereignty of several peoples and states.

He has been the cause of much pain and hardship of many people of this community and of the many people of St.Charlie and its government.

He has intervened in the personal affairs of several persons, myself included, by manipulation.

And, finally, he has acted as general “troll” to this community as various personae: Frederic Bayer, Marco Dresner, Ann-Sophie Mayer, William Danforth and, now, Sebastiano von Linden.

It is, in the best advice that I can give, to the officials of the Kingdom of Zealandia, the Organisation of Active Micronations, the MicroWiki Community and to all the people within those three entities, that I declare, in order to remedy and redress this current situation of this blatant abscess to the well-being of this community and its members, that M. Bayer, M. Dresner, Mlle Mayer, M. Danforth, and M. von Linden, who comprise the same people, should and ought to be rightfully banned permanently from this community, so as to safeguard my and our sanity and our ability to perform our duties and jobs to the best of our abilities with freedom from harassment by M. von Linden.

The Honourable William James Sörgel
Governor of the Territory of Sandus, St.Charlian Commonwealth