The Two Wars, One Sense of Reasoning

So, it seems we all have war and aggression. Of course, I know we do — it’s one of the three poisons, one of the klesas (poisons) is dosa (hatred). However, there is one hopeful sign of peace and readiness to defend it: Flandrensis, and Her Commonwealth. They have, time and time again, seemingly sanctioned and condemned all acts of aggression and remain head-strong, even when someone — such as myself — would not dare to be. They have been the voice of reason and diplomacy in our community and I do believe it is the high-time that I congratulate them for being the defenders of peace and reason in our community.

On the other hand, I am afraid that I must condemn all acts of aggression. M. Austen of Austenasia has expressed his discontent at the situation, to which I must accept and this war in Orly as well. I understand that it is not up to him, though I only wish that this war does not become another Carolinian Civil War. Otherwise, I am afraid I will have to readily oppose it. However, this war in Starland and Kozuc is unacceptable. It is now, for a near couple of times, that both nations have begun wars. And, yes, M. Bralesford is right, in some respects. If we have no actual pictures, there is no actual war — simply because we can not confirm what is true and what is not. We are micronations, leaders of micronations, and we ought to act like rightful leaders, lest we want a mass Secessio plebis. Infact, I congratulate M. Bralesford as well, for being so readily available to declare his discontent and ill-at-east at the situation. Infact, I do believe that such a situation is rather ridiculous, as we have no past knowledge (of this “break-away” region), no respect and no dignity (from either Kozuc or Starland). I would be so willing to grant them my respect and be dignified, if only they would cease to throw metaphoric temper tantrums, just declare war and act immature, especially as these are in no way any country nor country’s leader ought to act.

The Honourable Governor William Soergel
Governor of the Territory of Sandus, St.Charlian Commonwealth

21 thoughts on “The Two Wars, One Sense of Reasoning

  1. I thank you for this kind words toward Flandrensis, Arkel and Albion (the Commonwealth). Although we made mistakes in the past (Siple war) we’ve learned from our mistakes and we will remail a great opponent of micronational wars!
    I will send this article to my politicians, These words of appreciation make us proud.

    • Of course, M. Vermeersch!, it is all true, the fact that Flandrensis is one of the most truthful, competent and peaceful nations in our community and that goes along with your Commonwealth states!
      And I congratulate your government and your people for remaining level-headed all these past months.

  2. I think Kozuc and Starland are the two most ridiculous nations in the community. It’s true what Peter said. My motto about wars and achievements between and by MicroWiki nations has been ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ for a couple of months now, and unfortunately that’s the only way we can trust nations nowaydays.

    • Indeed, I agree. Especially because the state of affairs in the community is so detrimental to peace and to trust that I can only trust those who are vocal and truthful. And thank you, I agree, M. Quentin, with your assessment of both states.

  3. Alhedreo declared war on Starland and Kozuc. President Godinez sent an ultimatum, which may have been too much, but we had every intention of ending this peacefully. Unfortunately, Alhedreo took the next “immature” route and declared war. Our reasons for being in this war are very simple, President Godinez is recognized as co-head of state in both the Republic of Starland and Empire of Kozuc, including territories such as Alhedreo. We just want to insure that our Kozuc allies remain united and that Godinez is the undisputed co-head of state. She has no real power there, but its a important ceremonial title nonetheless.

    • I am afraid that ultimatums are usually the last step before war, and I hardly doubt that this was the last step. Also, most ultimatums do not end peacefully and drives most nations to declare war, by either parties. I do not believe that this hinder’s her standing in either state, and how would this danger her standing? Second, states that are “defending” themselves in wars, do not play the card of having a material goal to gain — they all aim to gain peace and security, you obviously do not seek that.

  4. Another thing is this war, yes, hasn’t had anything fought yet. Its currently a cold war, savor the Alhedren invasion. But think, there are alot of cold micronational wars. Thats how many are fought. Has there been any battles yet in the War for Orlian Reunification, the Pimpville War. What is the deal with pictures anyway? Do you ever ask Alexander Reinhardt or Fishy for pictures of their micronation or if they got involved in a war, would you ask them for pictures?

    • I am afraid that, in the majority of Micronationalism, there are few “contact”-wars. Also, I am afraid that a cold war never escalates to an actual state of war, which — if no one is lying about this nation declaring war on both your nations — which is what this currently is, now. Also, M. Reinhardt and M. Fish (refrain from using nick-names) do provide pictures and, in case you are wondering, have almost never declared war on another state. Hence, I trust them, should they say to me if they are at war. With you both, who get into petty wars and diplomatic actions, I am afraid I do not trust you. After all, M. Nik can not even pronounce “Sandus”, as it is not “Sand-oos” but “Sand-uhs”.

      Oh, and finally, I do believe that I seemingly condemned the Orlian conflict, whereas the “Pimpville War” is laughable.

  5. At least we know your king nick so you can stop pretending 😉

    The sooner you confess the easier it is to stay 🙂

    • General Nik Hart does not run Starland. How hard is that to accept? We have pictures on our website and Microwiki pages to prove that. Everyone in Starland are either family or friends with Mr. Hart, but they’re not Mr. Hart himself. Clear?

      • So if they march in with airsoft guns and shoot us what should we say “We are ignoring you because some guy in italy said it was stupid, ow, ow, stop shooting us”

      • @kozuc

        Do people normally walk in on you with airsoft guns and shoot you? Don’t you have a lock on your door at home? Let’s be practical.

      • You know what I mean. Just come on. It is not my decision okay. Stop bugging me about it. I am fett up with it and frankly I do not care if you think it is a fake war. I lied in the past and I am sorry. Read my next two blog posts.

      • I don’t think it is a fake war, per se. I just think that it is pointless, as most micronational wars are. As I said, let’s be practical, that means, “Let’s not declare war on eachother and solve our problems with diplomacy, because as government leaders we ought to be more mature and capable to solve issues by it rather than hitting the big, red button.”

  6. about pics……..
    For war we know that is going to happen, nations can have pics…

    But no pics for sudden revolt or war…
    But offcource, pics could be find for long conflicts..

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