The Two Wars, One Sense of Reasoning

So, it seems we all have war and aggression. Of course, I know we do — it’s one of the three poisons, one of the klesas (poisons) is dosa (hatred). However, there is one hopeful sign of peace and readiness to defend it: Flandrensis, and Her Commonwealth. They have, time and time again, seemingly sanctioned and condemned all acts of aggression and remain head-strong, even when someone — such as myself — would not dare to be. They have been the voice of reason and diplomacy in our community and I do believe it is the high-time that I congratulate them for being the defenders of peace and reason in our community.

On the other hand, I am afraid that I must condemn all acts of aggression. M. Austen of Austenasia has expressed his discontent at the situation, to which I must accept and this war in Orly as well. I understand that it is not up to him, though I only wish that this war does not become another Carolinian Civil War. Otherwise, I am afraid I will have to readily oppose it. However, this war in Starland and Kozuc is unacceptable. It is now, for a near couple of times, that both nations have begun wars. And, yes, M. Bralesford is right, in some respects. If we have no actual pictures, there is no actual war — simply because we can not confirm what is true and what is not. We are micronations, leaders of micronations, and we ought to act like rightful leaders, lest we want a mass Secessio plebis. Infact, I congratulate M. Bralesford as well, for being so readily available to declare his discontent and ill-at-east at the situation. Infact, I do believe that such a situation is rather ridiculous, as we have no past knowledge (of this “break-away” region), no respect and no dignity (from either Kozuc or Starland). I would be so willing to grant them my respect and be dignified, if only they would cease to throw metaphoric temper tantrums, just declare war and act immature, especially as these are in no way any country nor country’s leader ought to act.

The Honourable Governor William Soergel
Governor of the Territory of Sandus, St.Charlian Commonwealth