Sandum Federal Elections contested, rescheduled for December 14

Maria Karu, a citizen of Sandus, has contested the recent election results in Sandus and has found that two voters did not have the correct credentials to vote. Governor Soergel, whose majority remains uncontested, will remain the Governor for the 2011 year and commented on the issue saying that the Territory lacked correct legislation on both citizenship and voting and that, this being the first election in Sandum history, voting issues were bound to arise. The next issue on the agenda for Sandus shall be citizenship and voting rights, followed by the reform of the advisory to the Governor — by which the Sandum Popular Caucus shall be abolished and a system direct democratic voting and simple positions for ministers be founded.

The next elections are scheduled to begin December 14th, results shall be sent to representatives in St.Charlie at 21h00 GMT-5.