Elections end, Soergel affirmed

At 15:11 GMT-5 today, the Governor declared that the Territorial General Election was to end in the following hour. The Governor then reported, directly, on the results of the election officially. Governor Soergel will be sworn in on January 1st, 2011.

Edict of the Governor 12122010

Article 1 – Termination of Territorial Elections:
At 16h00 GMT-5, the Territorial Elections shall end, one day before the scheduled end. Four out of five eligible citizens voted.

Article 2 – Results of the Territorial Elections:
The Governor reports that 80% of all citizens voted in the Territorial General Election. There was one candidate and one option for the Governor Election and to candidates for the Prime Minister Election.

In the Governor Election, the sole candidate was Will Soergel (incumbent, CCPS) and the sole option was for the incumbent (Will Soergel) not to be affirmed as Governor. Will Soergel (incumbent, CCPS) was affirmed by a per-centage of one-hundred per-cent.
In the Prime Minister Election, the two candidates were Alexander Reinhardt (incumbent, NPSC) and Nicolò Alvisi (SPSC). Nicolò Alvisi (SPSC) was supported by a per-centage of seventy-five per-cent; Alexander Reinhardt (incumbent, NPSC) was supported with twenty-five per-cent of the vote.