Sandus Decision 2010 — First Night

Official Election poster for Veritum Sandus, created by Alexander Reinhardt

As the clock strikes 22h00 GMT-5, the Sandum election offices have stopped affirming votes for the night. As of current, there are four persons declaring their votes. Currently, incumbent-Governor and Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus-candidate (CCPS) Soergel is winning his bid for re-election with all four votes for his re-election into office for 2011, as there are zero votes for him being not affirmed as Governor. And, the Federal Prime Minister-candidates of the St.Charlian Socialist Party (PSSC) Alvisi and de Armis are leading by a super-majority of three out of four votes in the Federal election. The Governor’s office has reported that the following votes are being confirmed for Tuesday night:

Sandus Decision 2010Election Night Dec. 7th

Prime Minister Election
Reinhardt/Schneider 1
Alvisi/De Armis 3

Governor Election
Soergel 4
None (Not Affirmed) 0

The Poll of the Night, December 7th: 4 votes majority for Soergel (CCPS, Governor), 3 votes majority for Alvisi/De Armis (PSSC, St.Charlian Prime Minister)