Government Plan for December, Sandus Decision 2011

Official Election poster for Veritum Sandus, created by Alexander Reinhardt

This afternoon, at 1:01 GMT-5, the Governor published the current Government plan for December. This being the first plan, he plans to make the plans more frequent and to be published on the 25th of each month and the 23rd of February, specifically. The current plan is dwarfed by the upcoming General Election, which is happening all across the Commonwealth and in the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. The Secretary-General of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus has stated his intentions to stand as Governor in the upcoming General Elections and has expressed his hope that the possible Caucus member for the gens of Brown to join with the CCPS.

The Government plan, however, dictates, lays and plans the government’s course of action for the upcoming month. Much like the 5-year plans of the Soviet Union, they are plans to help improve the Territory. Issues within the plan include the Holidays and its recess, the General Election, changes to the government because of the Popular Caucus, legislation and proposed legislation to be drafted after the Election in December. The current plan contains 6 pages and contains, in order by page:

  1. The General Election of 2010. This page initially dictates how the Territory wishes to remain in the political culture of the Federal Republic, by stating the Elections are being held within relation to the Federal Republic’s election. The plan then says that all candidates must declare their candidacy by December 1st to the Governor and that all gens consisting of one citizen shall be represented by that one person. Furthermore, the plan states that the representatives to the Popular Caucus shall be democratically elected and should there be one candidate for that gens then the people should approve that candidate.
  2. The Commonwealth Membership. The page begins to state that because of a past incident where the Territory was to become a Federation, the Territory will apply to become a Permanent Territory in the Commonwealth and that there will be no changes to the Government because of this.
  3. The Changes because of the Popular Caucus. This page says that the Popular Caucus will remain in its provisional state until December 11, when the elections will take place and representatives elected in and that the Caucus will be solely an advisory council to the Governor, as an elected-monarch of the Territory.
  4. The Holidays. This page states that Sandus recognises the Holidays, will hold Holiday Recess from December 18 to January 2 and will wish its citizens a happy Holiday on Bodhi Day, the end of Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, the end of Saturnalia, Christmas, the beginning of Kwanzaa and, finally, on New Years Day.
  5. The Legislation to be drafted in December. The legislation to be passed will address micronational and macronational issues, including: the Sexual Equality Act, concerning homosexual rights; the Government Responsibility Act, provide for normality of reports, plans and actions for each month; the Territorial Crime & Legality Act, provide for all crimes and felonies that are recognised by the Federal Republic shall be enforced in the Territory; the Defense & Foreign Affairs Neutrality Act, provide a basic Defense policy of the Territory to the SCAF and provide for neutrality in the Territory’s foreign affairs.
  6. The November Report. The report shall be written after December 1st and shall include: a summary about the treasury and its projected income, projects completed in November and to be worked on in December, an assessment of the Territorial Government, the political parties that were in existence in November, and a summary of state media programs such as Channum Unum, Veritum Sandus and possible Sandum Territorial Radio & Sandum Territorial Telemedia programs conducted by the Territorial Government.