The Truth of Falsity

Tonight, I decided it to be a relaxing night. I decided that I would write this article because I have seen the destruction of various people in my history as a micronationalist. Although I have found me very own destruction to be that of political means, I believe it best that I ensure my defence of allies of my country as I have lost the defence of one ally who was my confidant.

This man I talk about is a single man who I confided within my very own personal secrets; a man who taught me so much about the world of government, diplomacy and law; and, a man who helped foster my state. I do not write this to redeem myself of any lack of defence for this man, nor do I write this for the sole specific reason to defend Messieurs Meehan and Danforth. I do not write this to sympathise with the entirety of the community who are on a new-constant witch-hunt for “liars“, even when we ourselves reside within a world of lies and of even, more heinous, ego. I write this to explain my views on the fantasy of life and, indeed, of our entire hobby, livelihood and micronational and, even, macronational world as a whole; I write this to a dear friend and comrade of mine: Monsieur Robert Lethler, also known as Monsieur C. Smith.

Years ago, I began this adventure of micronationalism, just as we al have done. This was no epic, no important event, except that I founded my first nation: Trénois. Time had past, we rumoured and gossiped around of a capital within the woods around my residence and expanded the illusion of our sovereign government. However, as lies began to flow, inactivity began to arise; Trénois only existed for so long. In the afternoon of May 26th, 2009, after months of inactivity in Trénois, I began to research once more about micronational government and about the various communities. I decided to declare independence from Trénois, which was truly gone by then, and form Sandefreistikhan. Sandefreistkhan, I have determined, came to the MicroWiki community on the 11th of June, 2009. Through that time to now, Sandefreistikhan did partake in a few lies: there was no Civil War, there was no “Bélkà” or any council therein. However, we had been victim to some lies, indeed. Rhodesia, who pillaged Finismund, and New Europe, who ravaged my continent with their illusive Fascist armies, are a few. Even the once-enemy, M. Danforth, was one. However, one man – though an illusion – spoke to me, always. His name, as we know it to be, is M. Robert Lethler. I embraced him, because he was distinct, he was respectful and honourable, and he was such a wonderful debater. That man I embraced, and still do – to the dislike of many of my peers.

But why is it we turn him away and are now beginning to turn away Nemkhavia & Pristinia/Eleytheria? I believe, taking the resentment from even Starland’s “blog“, that we all turn them away because of their lack of seriousness towards governing. But can this be? A sort of emanation of the Prajñaparamita-Heart Sutra (known for its famous line, “Form is emptiness, Emptiness is Form”) is cast over micronational, and indeed all, government for me. All government is, truly, an illusion; it would hold no form without the popular sovereignty of its citizens, its people. We form a micronational government for fun and many excel at seriousness and diplomacy. Others, I am afraid, lack in seriousness, begin war and do things simply for their own ego. We have but one view in our community of a single government, and that is how they act and what they do; some governments are depicted by a single representative, of a parliament or an illusionary parliament. However, many sovereign macronational governments hold illusionary parliaments; Libya, Tunisia, North Korea, Greenland and many territories and, even, where I live: the Columbia Association. These parliaments are not an illusion because they are false or hold no true power, their true political weight must not be under-estimated, but because they are dependent or submissive to another country’s government or to one person. Thus, many governments – even sovereign governments – are indeed false and of no form.

However, I am not here to lecture on the importance of understanding this. I am here to defend two peers, or as M. Danforth so righfully put it – colleagues. In the previous paragraph we established that some governments are false or void, but does that mean that we rightfully hate those states because of such? I, personally, love Tunisia despite its “elected” dictatorship of Ben Ali; I love Greenland and the Faroe Islands, territories of the Danish Realm; I love Wales, England, Québec, Arizona and l’Ile-de-France. The only true form of government, I believe, is anarchy, where one would then have to compensate for such a lack of government by substituting their own, personal government. Indeed, we as micronationalists hold this livelihood of anarchy and even participate in it; sometimes, yes, it can be chaotic, but many times we join together in common interest, conversation or duty. Why should we bar these two from participating in the same personal government that we partake of? We understand the lack of respect for single-citizen populated states, they just barely fit the basic definition of a state set forth by the Montevideo Convention of 1933. These men hold their sovereignty, just as I or you or us, so why should we not respect that as much? These men may have participated in disputes or moments which we look down upon in disgrace, anger and sadness but these men must have some reasoning for do so, do they not just as we do? I have my reasons for the so-called Great Ideological Conflict, I have my reasons behind supporting the now-heinous Robert Lethler – even still, I have my reasons for supporting St.Charlie and Landashir and Francisville and Renasia – our oldest allies, I have my reasons for forming my own government; do we not all have our reasons? Yes, we do – even if it is just for fun. But do these reasons, their means and their effect equate to rightful hatred, distaste or distrust? No, for each person is their own sovereign.

Now, I hope you will all join me in congratulating and welcoming Messieurs Meehan/Mejakhansk & Dresner/Myers/Danforth.