The new age of Sandum Foreign Policy

On the eve of the creation of a new foreign policy, “Libera” or “Freedom“, I wish to address a few issues concerning our community as a whole. As having been a member of the community for over a year and some months and this being our sole and only micronational community, I believe I am safe in giving this current assessment of the current community.

War. War is currently a very large problem for this community. I must admit, and I understand many will disagree with this assumption, but I believe that the major contributor of this current age of aggression are the novice, naïve micronations that have just been declared independent. I do not believe they understand the history of this community with war – how war has been waged and peace has already won out – or how this community is per legitimate governments who understand the concept of sovereignty and political power. Currently, there are an inconceivable number of wars and aggressive actions: Zealand, Starland, Draco, USLSSR, A1 (to whom the legitimate, for reference, we pledge), the Salanian Empire… Those are just those who were on the front page of MicroWiki. This astounds me, this reminds me of my first week here at MicroWiki when I declared war on the Islamic Republic of Iran for the killing of Neda Agha-Soltan; and some of these micronations have been in existence for months. I am not here to criticise, merely to comment, and I believe that this is something we must work on as a community. The old blocs have deteriorated, the GUM is gone; this is now an issue for the OAM and for the rest of the un-aligned micronations, to which Kremlum Sandus will remain for now – until a more coherent organisation develops.

The other issue is the frugality of the use of war and diplomatic actions. We must understand that when one state declares war or creates diplomatic sanctions, they are in fact echoing the same effects which have killed millions of people due to war or due to famine. These actions, I believe, must be used in dire situations: Respectful, considerate diplomacy must win out, in order to create a more stable and peaceful community.

The next and final issue is the interference in the sovereignty of other nations. Of course, I have partook in my fair share of interfering in the sovereignty of a few states but those days are gone. I believe we can all operate under the safe assumption that the legitimate government of A1 is the administration run by M. Fish and I believe we can also assume that if the A1NLF was truly so determined to create a state where M. Fish did not operate that the A1NLF would more easily and availably create a separate nation, however it seems that the A1NLF is more a hate group of M. Fish rather than an independence movement – something which I deplore and the support of such a hate group is just as deplorable. I find it unprofessional for supposedly-sovereign governments to stoop to the level of idiotic and, gods help me for using this word, “trolling” hate groups.

These issues must be solved in an era where the duty of Kremlum Sandus will be more a support country, rather than a “policing force” as the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus was. On this eve, we are standing on the point of a rather large foreign policy change. Some know of this Juche-esque change, some do not; Kremlum Sandus will be adopting a policy with tenants of independence and sovereignty which I would like to call Libera in order to distance ourselves from the parent ideology of North Korea, Juche.

  • Independence in PoliticsThis means that Kremlum Sandus will establish a politically independent country and will deplore and distance itself from nations which we believe act on an illegitimate basis. To those nations who meet that cute of a legitimate government and nation, Kremlum Sandus will actively try to establish safe and amiable alliances and friendships. This policy is currently in place: I have already expressed hope in an upcoming Kremlum Sandus and Wyvern treaty of friendship and I have already, on behalf of Kremlum Sandus, applied for Permanent Territory-membership to the St.Charlian Commonwealth. I have expressed hope in joining the OAM, however the fundamentals of this tenant would be risked – especially since some nations that don’t meet the legitimate-government cut are in the OAM; hopefully, though, Kremlum Sandus may become an observing member of the OAM if the council so be it.
    This also means that Kremlum Sandus will become completely independent in its politics: we may go against the current political trends of  the community and indeed the macronational world. Such politics will follow the popular trend and work on advancing the general welfare of the state and of the People, as provided in the State Constitution. At current, I am currently working on a “grand edict“, which will prohibit the legislature from forming and the rest of the constitution becoming effective until Kremlum Sandus reaches a population of atleast five people, as it is hard to not have a democratic government with just one person.
  • Self-sustenance in the economy As Kremlum Sandus is already a socialist command economy, we believe that this makes sense. We will try to expand our economy: the media, events and perhaps even try to begin to export. We will work on creating, too, taxes which may either be by donation or by a regular mandate of taxation by the state. We will work to create a stable economy and an independent treasury.
  • Self-defense This tenant of Juche is not a large ideal for us as the State Constitution provides for no standing or existing army or armed force, however in times of need this will definitely be of great urgency and need.

This policy will be a large political force of the government and of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus, which has remained the sole legal political party of Sandefreistikhan, Sandus and Kremlum Sandus since 26 May, 2009. This policy will be worked into the ideology of the CCPS and its idea of “Sandum Communism”, as these basic tenants have always been followed by our state and our people.