Kremlum Sandus: A home of Peace and of Our People

Nearly a month has passed since we all discovered the truth about Erusia and nearly a month has passed since I began the foundation of my hermitage. Despite our recent universal inactivity, it has been benefitial to be away for a while to clear my mind. However, now Kremlum Sandus – our new home – has but one choice.

Our country was built on the foundation of peace, prosperity and Socialism – that will never change – and in this day and age we see a continued threat against those three. Micronational war and very juvenile wars have been recently fought and, stepping out of my common anti-AMU stance, I praise the AMU for universally ignoring and not recognizing the two parties largely involved with these wars – together we understand the foolishness and the childish fights they fight when true, educable people are more able to discuss their differences diplomatically.

Our Barony is home of peace but we understand that strength can lead to peace. Our country will continue truly stand as a symbol of strength – we do not threaten war, we threaten strength in ideology and in diplomacy. Our military power is non-existent, we have no military now, all we have is peace and a new beginning.

Peace, too, comes in belief. We are a free religious country which embraces its historic Tibetan Buddhist beliefs and virtues of peace, care and compassion. Now, not only does one believe in religion but in politics as well – Our country has long been Socialist, even regardless of past monarchies, we have long preached the compassionate and caring words of Socialism to the suffering of the world and to those who are exploited – to them, we have decided to aid and to help. We will continue to self-lessly stand with our valiant comrades around the world, for the ever expanding compassion of both Socialism and Buddhism. The Dalai Lama himself explained that the fall of Macronational Communism in the 1990s was a failure of Totalitarianism, not of Communism – that is the man seemingly hated by the government of the People’s Republic of China. We do not bare arms against our enemies, we defend our country with heart and mind.

This monarchy, our Barony, will be a country of devotion to the people and to the cause of ending suffering through Socialism. Our constitution is currently being written, I am currently regaining steam to propel our country forward – Comrades, stand with your country as we prepare this new expansion of peace, prosperity and Socialism.