Starland, the new anti-People’s front

Well, comrades, it seems that the lyrics of «Auf, Auf Zum Kampf» were changed this evening when the aristocrat of the lonely nation of “Starland” voice and reared his head again into affairs which do not concern the sovereignty or affairs of his state. Perhaps its his lack of respect for our front and our community, which solely seeks for the benefits of the people and of the workers, or maybe it is his lack of respect towards the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence – especially a biggie here: mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty and non-interference within each other’s affairs. It seems, too, that M. Nik has never heard anyone say our nation’s name, as he would know that Sandus is not followed by an E. But, perhaps, I am attacking him too personally now, shame.

Comrades, it seems that every month we have a new person in our community who has no regards to our already established orders and alliances between nations. Of course those alliances change, but now there is a greater need for a socialist alliance as yet another nation seems to have taken the malevolent step towards “democracy” and we shall surely wait before the ways of their “democracy” crumble and erode into the endless pit of oppression, repression and exploitation by the aristrocracy and oligarchy of their state. And, yes, you may wonder why I italicized the word democracy, it’s because their nation is run by one man and one man only. It’s also because that man has little interests in his people, to ensure their welfare or their safety, as he allows unrestricted capitalism to further the business of his nation, and not the interests or welfare of his people.

It, too, is a shame that such a leader would happen to revert an edit made by our editor nearly five or six times, explaining that the Democratic People’s Republic was neutral. We are only neutral now because of events which have happened over the past few days when Madam Prime Minister of Erusia motioned for a severing of our bilateral ties – that same motion which has yet to see the light of fruition. It seems that not only can M. Nik not pronounce our nation’s name correctly, despite it being rather frequent in our community – especially spoken over audio or videos, but he can not seek the welfare of his people or learn to seize to meddle in his own affairs or to mature so that he would not have to edit something rather often just so it would fit his description of events. It seems that he has no respect for the boundaries of our states and even if those boundaries over the internet are rather blurred, those “cyber-boundaries” are still existent.

It seems, too, that M. Nik has never read accurately any information regarding Operation Luxemburg. It seems that he, and only he now, seem to believe that this operation over all was unconstitutional and illegal. And do not mistake its legality, Yusuf Tehrani – the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Court of Erusia – ruled a week ago that this specific operation was illegal. Yet, it seems that M. Nik does not understand that this operation is still law and that this operation is constitutional per the Erusian constitution as is.

And what is the kick-in-the-side – so to speak – is that he even has the nerve to then attack the Democratic People’s Republic and other various Socialist nations because we are – as we all know – the micronational axis of evil. M. Nik described the dialogue between him and the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics as being “childish“, how odd. Perhaps he would find it better to speak on such terms should he have had any reason to begin this flame war with nations which have the unalienable national right to sovereignty of their foreign relations and affairs. Not only has M. Nik intervened in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, but he has also – now – intervened in the foreign relations of sovereign nations. This contravenes the boundaries of the widely accepted Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence of the People’s Republic of China, which are the guiding foreign relation principles of a few micronations – including the Democratic People’s Republics, as he has contravened the principles of respect for sovereignty and integrity in foreign relations.

It seems, too, that M. Nik can’t seem to decide what founding ideology his government is based upon. He has declared that his nation stands “for Federalist Democracy” although his nation seems to be more of a parliamentary monarchy rather than any such form of republic. If M. Nik was so reasonable, as he claims to be, he would come to reason that his nation is not a republic but a monarchy. He, too, would come to reason that it is not reasonable to begin a flame war within our community, to attack those nations who practice & seek their sovereign foreign relations, and to seemingly attack the Socialist & Communist communities within our MicroWiki community – as, especially that, would be very unreasonable to do.

Perhaps, seeing as M. Nik ended his speech with a political oddity in Sandus but a general nicety, he can understand that within our community – no, within our world – nations can not interfere or intervene in the sovereign internal or external affairs of a nation. And, perhaps, with the blessings of God, he will begin to understand that and begin to understand that we are not his enemies, though he perceives us to be, but we are merely people who wish to found – finally – a state which so wishes to actually regard and have interests in the welfare of its people and of its world. That is what our government works for and that is what we hope M. Nik will persevere to understand and, perhaps one day, found in his nation.