Socialist Sovereignty & Integrity Attacked

Good morning Comrades. Last night, right as I was going to bed, something disturbed me. I read on the news of the unrecognized state of the kingdom of “Starland”. It seems that, this summer, their initiative will be to combat Socialism; what a shame. What a shame that these days, young micronations do not understand the consequences of interfering in the internal sovereignty of another nation. It’s a shame that such nations do not understand that the word “liberal” come from the word “Liber” – which is Latin for “Liberty” – and that means unrestricted or free; even when such a “liberal” nation restricts Communism, Socialism and Fascist ideologies. It seems that the kingdom of Starland is naïve, as it has only just found its way into our community.

Let me inform them then: The Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus, a socialist nation with political power rooted in the Communist Party – the party of the people, is a democratic nation. It is not a misnomer that we titled our nation with, I assure you. Our government is run by our legislature, which is democratically elected – currently, selected due to our young age – and decided on legislative issues. Tell me, then, what don’t you understand about the DPRS being a democratic nation? Last time I checked, a democracy is a government elected by the people and serving the people – and we, all Socialist nations do too, do that better than any other capitalist nation which has a democratically government because they simply are interested, for the most part, in the welfare of business. We are not. We are working for the welfare of our people, that – sir – is what a democracy is.

And the fact that you even suggest, sir, that your naïve nation will simply combat us because we recognize you as sovereign and legitimate and that we will change, you are deathly mistaken. We are not a way of the past, we are the way of the future. You believe that Socialism is a way of the past? Capitalism has existed for centuries and now Socialism is old because we’ve had governments that have practiced it for less then 200 years. But was is frightening to me is that your nation, your “free will” nation that will not help or save their citizens living on the streets or in the slums, will intervene on the internal sovereignty of other nations – this isn’t even political. Honestly, how naïve can you be? I sure hope the DPRS is not on that list of nations you are extending your “democratic (yet not, at the same time)” hand too because – I can assure you – we will kindly put that hand in its pocket. And, in regards to “opposition” parties in our government, have you ever even read our information? Since the foundation of Sandefreistikhan – when we declared independence – no other party but the Communist Party was ever allowed to legally form. That is even in our present constitution – they are simply non-existent because our people, sir, understand that a Socialist democracy is a government of the people and working for the people. You claim we are a virus; how diplomatic are you? Perhaps, after you check your facts, you learn to become a representative of your nation and stop using immature and childish slander and actually write something that legitimate of a government and representative of an intelligent, capable nation.

Your ICPD, sir, is nothing more than a shame – as was the ICA and the Alliance for Progress. We are the path to progress, we are the peaceful path to democracy. Only when do people blatantly offend and attack the will of the people does that will of the people counter and we win. Our Socialpatria, I can assure you, will remain. We will exist as long as the will of the people exists; the will to live in a free society.

And, sir, I bid you a saying by Marx: «Democracy is the road to socialism.» And, sir, we have reached Socialism – and I am proud.

«Armai paxa ensures.»