Nat Party loses election; DPRS urges Revolutionary Unity

Comrades, it’s official. The National Unity Party of Erusia has lost the election. All throughout Erusia and, here, in Sandus I do believe there is much sadness. I took a particular interest in the election, personally, I have always been good allies and friends with Comrade Lethler – a leading figure in Erusian politics – and I have much respect for him. However, the final blow was staggering and, to be honest, made me want to cry and give up on micronationalism altogether: the newly elected president lost his seat – the safest seat the NUP had.

What is most frightening, though, are the blatant celebrations towards the Democratic Party’s victory. The word heinous comes to mind, even. It seems, in our Socialist community, there is not even a thread of unity. Today, the Democratic Guard has learned that the PrSR has seemed to taken extra-Revolutionary and counter-Revolutionary decisions by seemingly wishing for an end to the Communist government. This, too, along with the Kingdom of “Starland’s” official and government celebration on the matter – though being a newcomer to our community and failing to see the impact – was condemned by the Chairman. Infact, the Chairman then opted for a system known as Protectum Sociala-Communita. The system is rather simple: a nation commits counter-revolutionary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes regard of that sends to the Democratic Guard a message concerning the other nation’s actions and ends relations with them, Democratic Guard – specifically the Envoy to Unrecognized States – becomes the envoy to the state.

This system, used roughly before in the Wyvern action, was ordered by the Chairman to be used again in the post-Erusian election matters, as states with no understanding of the significance and how it affects the entire community are rejoicing. It was with Erusia’s perseverance that we all act how we do today: without the Erusia we know today, our nations would be largely in shambles.