Democratic Guard Success, Nemkhavia and Sandus insulted

Today, after hostilities had ended from the recent withdrawal of the DPRS and her allies from the OAM and the DPRS termination of all Wyvernian relations and recognition, the Democratic Guard successfully infiltrated and captured all just information pertaining to a conversation of delegates from Wyvern, the Slinky Empire and Eleytheria. The General Marshal of the People’s Defense Forces and acting as Lieutenant of the Democratic Guard collectively issued “ReportCRC-DPRS.RepsWyvSlEEle062910a”. The report was compiled of information and was a chat log between representatives and officials of Wyvern, Eleytheria and the Slinky Empire. Within the chat log, however, is the most insulting, ignorant and demeaning statement, perhaps, one could say about any citizen or any person of Sandus.

Since the founding of Sandus and its independence as the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan, the nation has always been religious and, more specifically, that of the Buddhist faith. While discussing the recent evidence given by Comrade Foreign Commissioner of the DPRE, which was compiled by the Republican Guard, the discussion turned to the Democratic People’s Republic and, her ally, the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia. Bradley, a Senator from Wyvern, mocked the SFR by mimicking Comrade President of the SFR use of the title “comrade” and stating that “Atleast Dresner had a spine”, with regards to the evidence by Comrade Foreign Commissioner that the representative of Eleytheria, William Danforth, was – infact – Mark Dresner, infamous micronational political terrorist. Comrade Chairman of the Revolutionary Council and Comrade President of the SFR affirmed the evidence from Comrade Foreign Commissioner and, too, it seems that the evidence is backed up by what M. Danforth said next.

Comrades, what you are about to read may be shocking and surprising, due to its ignorant and insulting nature to our people and culture.

M. Danforth continued, after M. Quentin requested that Bradley remain calm, to state that “Nemkhavia can be a nuisance from what I’ve seen, but at least they’re not little Stalins or little Hitlers dressed up as Buddhas waving a red flag.” The Democratic Guard found and believe that the mention of “Stalins or little Hitlers dressed up as Buddhas waving a red flag” is a depiction of Comrade Chairman of the Revolutionary Council. Comrades, this is a gross insult to Nemkhavia and Sandus. Not only has M. Danforth, as Foreign Representative of Eleytheria, acted in a disrespectful manner and one which is undiplomatic, but he has made ignorant statements concerning the ancient faith of the Sandum people. He, too, has made this statement which portrays the Central People’s Government and its officials as “Stalins” and “little Hitlers”. I believe M. Danforth, who stated a while later that he was a Christian, has forgotten the compassion that Christ taught. Last time I checked, M. Danforth, Christ taught to love everyone and that it is the lifestyle of God-believing Christians to “love thy neighbour”. It seems you, M. Danforth, have forgotten this.

I expected better from someone who was appointed as Foreign Representative of your nations. I expected some diplomatic solution and not one which attacks one of the religious beliefs of the Democratic People’s Republic or any religious belief. To me, that sounds counter-productive as a diplomat. Diplomats are meant to build bridges; not burn them down, release hounds and build walls. I hope you understand the consequences this will have on the possible recognition of your nation’s government and I hope you will restore some respect to yourself and to the DPRS for the offense which you have taken against the entire Buddhist Community, the Buddhist Community in Sandus and Sandus as a whole. You have made gross, unfound comparisons between Hitler, Stalin and Siddhartha Guatama Buddha. As one who is a Christian and who should follow the teachings of Christ as one, I expected more compassion, even for the beliefs of some Sandum citizens. I am disappointed, I must say.