Withdrawal Wave from OAM

Comrades, over the past few weeks and – well – for about a month now, the Democratic People’s Republic has been subject to ridicule, attacks and offenses in light of its pro-Socialist and Communist policies. Those same policies, which are relative to the political nature of our Socialist motherland, resulted in the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council calling for a large-reaching protection of Socialist and Communist nations. It all began when a lone senator from Wyvern, known as Duke Bradley, founded the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance. The alliance, initially, forewent the policy which would shape its relation with the entire Socialist community within our MicroWiki world; the policy of “attacking” and “fighting” Communism and Socialism.

The Chairman then took it upon his prerogative and duty, as a representative of the entire international Communist and Socialist communities of which our nation is a part of, to defend and condemn such policies from the ICA. Bradley then turned to insulting and offending the Democratic People’s Republic and King Quentin, Wyvern’s King, failed to respond to the Chairman’s demands of reprimanding the official.

Then the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia arrested four convicted members of ICA which, at that time, was unlicensed with officials. The move, too, was condemned by the ICA and Bradley and he, using both offices as Senator and Vice-Leader of the ICA, attacked and condemned the DPRE on a public and international basis. The DPRS and the revolutionary SFR Nemkhavia defended the Democratic People’s Republic and M. Bralesford, the then-General Secretary of the OAM, defended the DPRE’s judicial process and integrity – which the OAM has not ability to contravene in.

Then, the Kingdom of Rajputistan proposed a resolution which barred Muslim nations and nations with a majority of the population being Muslim from becoming members of the OAM. The move, of course, was condemned by the entire Socialist and Communist community. However, what was shocking was that Bradley, the same Duke and Senator – ironically, declared that he did not support it and, yet, condoned it, claiming the Rajputistani official had “freedom of speech”. Obviously both Bradley, Quentin – who condoned the statement by Bradley, and a few other delegates forgot that “freedom of speech” is a civil right and the OAM was not a civil organization, but an international organization – an organization which supersedes the civil rights provided by member-states. And what was most frightening was that the Kingdom of Rajputistan then sent war declarations to the SFR of Nemkhavia and the DPRS. This was initially condemned, but then was later to be over-looked by delegates.

The recent and last issue was about diplomatic protocol, respect and rights in an international organization. Other delegates, over the past week, had attacked, offended and insulted Sandus and its legislative processes. Infact, Quentin of Wyvern attacked, in a rather unorthodox manner, the legislative protocol of Sandus by attacking the late-rejected Act Concerning an Ultimatum to Wyvern (June 2010) which was a response to the DPRS-ICA dispute, in which Quentin failed to reprimand Bradley any sooner. The Act was then passed and, three days later, amended to shorten the seven-day period to four days, which was the next day – June 29th. The Revolutionary Council, too, passed the Act Concerning the Withdrawal from the OAM (June 2010) at 3:29 PM. The Act was to come into effect the next day, June 29th, at 20:05 GMT.

The Act was passed because, as many other delegates had felt, their nation’s respect, their respect and their dignity was being attacked and many more delegates were failing to use diplomatic protocol and be respectful to other delegates. After the General Secretary, Com. Bralesford of Egtavia, resigned at 8 PM GMT, the DPRS decided to make a statement in the same thread regarding the resignation. Replies were followed by Com. Lethler, the delegate of the DPRE, and by Com. Mejakhansk, the delegate of the SFR Nemkhavia. Mlle Davies, delegate of Bokonton, followed suite later by withdrawing as well. All members cited the lack of respect and diplomatic protocol exhibited recently by many members. Regardless, the outcome has been a brilliant success for the Foreign Policy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus and, it seems, the entire legitimate Socialist Community has now entered into a bloc of nations which will defend its members.