The Creation of a Perfect Sandus

Comrades, our nation has seen a resurgence of democratic government to our nation. Tonight and last night, two acts were passed. The first act that was passed, the Act Concerning the Establishment of Ministries of the State (June 2010), will ensure the greater effectiveness of our Central People’s Government of our nation, this act was passed by majority of the Revolutionary Council, with one member being absent. The second act that was passed, the Act Concerning Civil Unions of the State (June 2010), has ended a long-standing morale battle in Sandus that was inherited by the United States: the right of homosexuals and other groups of people to marry has been granted, as the act declared that the state shall not hinder civil unions base don sexuality, sex, ethnicity, and nationality. The Central People’s Government has not ended this long-standing and inherited battle and dispute to side with morality of any government in our present age. It is the belief, as we can tell, of all Revolutionary Council delegates that the Democratic People’s Republic will be a fair and just society and the Council’s current actions have certainly made that clear and is but one step to an equal, Socialist society.

Comrades, as former Speaker of the House of the National Congress of the People’s State of Sandus, I believe that Sandus is seeing a greater democratic society than that of the direct democracy. Our Republic has voted accordingly, twice now; has upheld the process of legislation as inscribed in the Articles of the Provisional Government; and has voted in camera concerning proposed legislation. Comrades, this is a time like none other and we have but ourselves to thank, for the selfless work of our comrades who have ensured that a fair, equal society shall be nursed within the Democratic People’s Republic. We have but to wait until such a Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic, the final step of our Sandum democracy, will be established when we will have a total democratic society. Comrades, I congratulate you. From the deepest halls of my heart, I thank you for your selfless efforts to further establish our nation, the People’s nation, and to establish a free, equal and socialist society within it. I urge you, Comrades, to remain faithful to Sandus, as this nation is, again, the People’s nation.

However, Comrades, more news comes to our nation. Outside of our borders, the bourgeois-Senator of Wyvern, M. Bradley, has again insulted, not only our nation but, all Socialist nations. M. Bradley, as a representative of the Kingdom of Wyvern, has acted in the most undiplomatic, most disgraceful manner now. The way in which he has conducted himself and his office ha left much doubt within the halls of the People’s Government. Not only has M Bradley been outwitted by our Comrades in Erusia, by allowing the ICA to join United Erusia – a syndicate where its members must adopt Socialism, accept the authority of the ENCP, and foreign organizations may not revoke membership – which M. Bradley has responded without recognition to any effects of his actions. Perhaps M. Bradley does not exactly know the effects of his actions but I find it odd that any sane, literate and knowledgeable man could not understand these effects.

But what is more damning to our People’s Nation is that M. Bradley, under his authority as Vice-“Leader” of the ICA, published a small article concerning the “Myths” of our recent dispute with the ICA. Comrades, to warn you, the following “article” may be deemed inappropriate and reader’s discretion is advised. Highly advised.

M. Bradley’s article begins rather informative, and respectful, with “Parker and I have worked hard for peace in this community”. It’s a shame that such hindrance of peace was created and is result to the ICA’s former policy regarding its intolerance of Communism and Socialism, perhaps the same intolerance that ICA members proclaimed that Sandus and Erusia exhibited when we responded to these blatant usurpations of our nations’ constitutional authorities. However, the article becomes more ignorant and more damning to the ICA and to Wyvern itself.

The ICA isn’t Libertarian – False. The ICA is more libertarian than any leftist state in the community.”
It’s a shame, then Comrades, that Sandus has just ensured the liberty of marriage to homosexuals, all ethnicities and nationalities in Sandus. It is a shame that the ICA, Wyvern and Secundomia have not ensured such a liberty to any homosexuals, all ethnicities and nationalities. This goes to show that the DPRS is continuously more free, more libertarian than any member of the ICA as the Revolutionary Council has passed the Act Concerning Civil Unions 2010 and these nations have yet to declare their stance on the matter.

“The ICA started it – False. The ICA never started the ideological argument, Sandus did. However somehow the ICA gets critiqued for starting it. Though this isn’t the first time that Sandus has created a shake in the community, they never get many nations attacking them.”
M. Bradley, Comrades, has just now blatantly attacked Sandus. Not only has he unrecognized how the ICA declared that it would “fight Communism and Socialism”, but he has also unrecognized that it is because of this and the fact that Sandus responded to this diplomatic nightmare with imposing harsh foreign policy proposals concerning the ICA and all Conservative nations. M. Bradley has continuously declared himself the victim and Comrades, quite personally and honestly, I have had enough of it. How can one even, after I have continuously declared that Sandus’ actions are in response to this ICA foreign policy – something the rest of the intermicronational community understands, continue to declare that the ICA is victim to intolerance of Socialist and Communist nations? Even, then, when this intolerable foreign policy of the ICA is conducted and condones the intolerance of Capitalist, Conservative nations on Socialist, Communist nations. This “Myth” is offensive, Comrades, to our nation, to our community, and to all sane sense of every intelligible human being.
Not only does Sandus respond to issues with plague our community and may effect our government, but we do so to protect our allies. The “shakes” M. Bradley brings up are true, but they are only subject to the constant response against threats, issues and problems of our nation. Our nation, like any other, is not perfect – no micronation is in all aspects – but it is the unalienable right of all nations to respond to threats to their constitutional order and authority. Sandus has only done what is best for its people, its government and its allies and, Comrades, our democratic and socialist society is testament to that success to respond to such threats against our nation.

“The ICA is only attacked because they attack others – False The ICA is attacked because it defends itself.”
This is rather redundant to bring up, Comrades, but for another time M. Bradley has rebuked his belief that the ICA is being attacked and is victim of Sandus. However, Comrades, how does one protect themselves when their admitted foreign policy is to attack and fight Socialism and Communism? Do they do so out of fear? Even if this would be “protection” of their conservative states, all Socialist nations – of which Sandus is comprised – would have that same right to protect itself from the unbalanced authority of the Conservatives and the admitted infringement of peace.
Comrades, the ICA has said that they are victims of Sandus and that they are victims because many nations believe that the ICA is being attacked because it attacked first. Nothing could be closer to the truth. They are victims of their own foreign policy, they acted in order to protect their immoral front of Conservatism and have become victims of the united and moral Socialist response to this blatant usurpation of international peace.

The current version of M. Bradley’s article has been edited, to omit M. Bradley’s insulting, offensive and undiplomatic language. M. Bradley, in the article’s first edition, repeatedly used the word “lefties” rather than “leftists”, which was later edited by M. Parker I, leader of the ICA. I cite the revision log from between early 10 June 2010 and late 11 June 2010.

Comrades, all members of the Central People’s Government have had enough. In fact, I expand that statement: everyone has had enough. Although I will continue to defend the constitutional authority and order of Sandus and protect our nation against these usurpations of that order, authority, and peace, I continue to wish for some coherent peaceful end to this argument. However, Sandus and our people have the right to not concede its privileged society in order to appease the peace which will come at the harm of our nation and its order.

Comrades, we have seen a resurgence of international brotherhood in response to this recent argument. I believe that our nation, along with the innumerable Socialist nations of our community, have ensured the order of our nations, ensured the continuation of the People’s Revolution, and protected our respective People’s States. Our comrades within Egtavia and Nemkhavia, too, have heard this call to arms. Egtavia has begun to declare itself a democratically elected government run and led by an environmentalist-socialist party and Nemkhavia has recently returned to the Socialist Federal Republic. I congratulate our comrades in the international community, our comrades within Egtavia and Nemkhavia, and all of us, Comrades, of the Democratic People’s Republics. As Socialists and Communists, we continue to believe whole-heartedly that is the purpose of any democratic government to provide for its citizens and without that unalienable right of the People, that any nation does not deserve to be democratically-elected or -run nor deserve the title of a democratic government. Comrades, we are the democratic government. We are all what the people – us all – need and will need and, Comrades, glory to the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus and all her allies for the ever continuation of that democratic cause – the cause of the People.