International Reaction to Comrade Erusia’s protection from Counter-Revolution

Comrades, throughout our community, the protectors of the oppressed and those who openly seek for the end of exploitation and oppression have arisen over this past week. Throughout the Sandum Halls of Government, and those of our Comrades’ alike, the cheers of activism has sounded the alarm to the new wave of revolution, a revolution against the old ways of oppression and exploitation.

The vanguard of this divided front is conservatism, and the recent actions by our Revolutionary Comrades within the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia is but one of those alarms to our new revolution against the oppression of the aristocracy and the exploitation of the common man and woman who work selflessly for the continuation of their lives within this Capitalist society. As Comrade Marx before us noted, this society, in which we inhabit today, has conformed to the views of Capitalism and has sided with the Companies and Businessmen to accept their falsities of freedom that we call rights.

However, within Erusia, the government has recently stopped the four who were members of the ICA and the Erusian people have called to an end of oppression and exploitation. The Central People’s Government has warranted, through all legal processes and authority of its state, for the arrest of those individuals who have sided with those same exploiters, with those same defenders of the oppression. Comrades, Erusia – our Comrade – has cast these people out and has stopped the once-feared shadow of darkness to its Socialist Society.

By doing this, Erusia has become uniform with Sandus and all Comrades of the People and – as the final alliance of our two great nations is soon complete through ideological and political protection – we are ready to stand-fast to the aggression of the exploiters and oppressors. Parker I of Secundomia has asked if there is “any freedom in Erusia” and, indeed sir, there is. This freedom, however, is not the false rights and concessions of the aristocrats, but the freedom from primitive society and the terrible accords of the aristocrats placed upon the worker. Bradley I, once more in our headlights of anger, has mocked Erusia, called on the OAM to intervene in our Comrades’ affairs, and has said the OAM “cant allow this, its an violation of the Freedom of mankind”.

Mister Bradley, I will tell you what can not be allowed and what is a violation of the rights and livelihood of man. The fact that your Conservatism can promote Laissez-Faire and Social Darwinism is a staunch denial of the worker’s rights and is a decision which allows the utter exploitation of man by man. That is a violation of the rights of man. Your acceptance of the unconditional power of business will allow business to trample the rights of man; that is a violation of the rights of man. You blatant call for conservatism and your treacherous calls against my Comrades of Erusia is disgraceful to your nation and to your house. Sir, I beg that you learn something about “the rights of man” and that you learn some respect to the people, because in our society we have seen a large front of progressive actions to ensure that all people are cared for by the state – that is the purpose of the state, another thing you deny.

For the final time, sir, if you continue your attacks on Communism and Socialist and, essentially, your attacks – now – on our states, We will respond. These are gross violations of our respect, of our dignity and of our national politics. How dare you even suggest that you can violate the sovereignty of our states, simply because you are you. Give it up, sir, give it up. We are Sandus – They are Erusia; Together we stand as Comrades, united against the injustice of your policy to destroy our states. We stand beside our billions of other Comrades throughout this world.

Give it up.