The Future of Channum Unum

Recently, Channum Unum has remained dormant, even following its large success of May 9th – Remembrance Day. However, Chairman Soergel is creating a plan to change that. Within this plan, Chairman Soergel is planning on developing average reports for this Summer, which will include a “live” news reporting at 16:00 EST, or 21:00 GMT. These news reports will be modeled after the Korean “KCTV” and other examples of Socialist media. These report sessions will start at 16:00 EST, and will continue to around 17:00 EST or until 17:30 or 18:00 if needed and will begin with a unique starting session countdown, similar to that of BBC or other news channels. Following the countdown, the Internationale may play, along with some other Socialist or military marches. Following the reporting session, the channel will either remain open with some child shows or will close down, with a genuine close down clip. Rather than actually turning off, the channel will remain online with repeated videos as similar to the channel now.

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