Overview of Politics in Sandus: An Introduction

Over this past week, Sandus has seen a large international political debate. Sandus politically fought its way, after being on the sidelines for many months, to victory. This victory, which may be short lived as it seems Senator Bradley has returned to his “fight” on Communism, was fought in part to the People’s Socialist Government of our nation. But what exactly is the Socialism of our nation? Why did Sandus choose Socialism since its genesis nearly one year ago?

I had the idea of creating an article answering why one night ago, when I sat awake having an argument with myself as to why we chose Socialism and Communism. The reasons I gave were long and it would take a very long time for me to explain them from the eyes of myself, a Socialist. Not only will this series include my views, but it will also include the views of Comrade Lethler, my fellow Comrade on the General Assembly and the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Council.

Within this series, I will include moral debates, economic debates and some religious debates, as our nation has had its political blood for over three years now. I will ask Comrade Lethler his views upon what I have written, brought up, and to contribute if he sees it willing to this series for these explanations of our political ideologies, nature, and culture.