Anti-Sandum policies of Other States

Lately, Comrades, our state has been under ideological attack and attack against our nation. Lately, conservative fronts within Wyvern, Secundomia and Angador have provoked our nation and have acted in completely undiplomatic ways. However, many of these fronts have been subdued by our work and by our endless commitment to our state. To them, I congratulate you – you have ensured peace within our community, which will win out and that there will be no more aggression. In my address to the nation yesterday, Comrades – our independence day, I stated, to these nations, that Sandus extends our arm and hand to them and that we do not want war – but the policies of anti-Communism and “to fight the … ideologies of Socialism and Communism” are destructive to our state, our people and our culture.

A resurgence of peace has recently arisen now, following the address. Angador has left the ICA and the once-thought supporter-states of the ICA, Wyvern and Secundomia, have recently made it clear to our government that they do not unanimously support these Anti-Communist and, essentially, anti-Sandum policies. However, after the publishing of the St.Charlian Observer’s article, called “Eat at Nicks: Carolinians and Conservatives”, M. Bradley of Wyvern victimized himself with his fellow friends, saying that he was dyslexic. I have terrible news for M. Bradley, and I say this – perhaps insensitively – to my friend who has ADHD: the human race has existed for a just a couple millennia and people have continue to exist with these disorders for that time, so can you.

Today, after returning from school, I came home to my computer. I found that there were two new, important news stories in the MicroWiki article feed: one from the A1 News Service and the other from M. Bradley. I read the A1 News Service article first, knowing it would not upset me. Despite a two mistakes, such as that Sandus is now a Democratic People’s Republic and that I am not a rightist – but a communist, I welcome A1’s support. I do not welcome it because I want to simply win people over – but A1 is a leading Socialist nation within our community and, as these policies attack – even violently in idea; “to fight” – our ideologies. I welcome A1’s support and I extend my hand to work with Comrade Fish and my Comrades within the Central People’s Government of A1 so that we may work together to establish a community which does not openly and ideologically attack our nations.

The second article, being M. Bradley’s article, was next. Again, M. Bradley has commenced his victimization. Sadly, I must point out to M. Bradley, that Sandus has had no issues with him in the past and it’s only now that we “attack” him only because his party, the Wyvern Conservative Liberal Party (the irony) which is a major member of the ICA, has openly called for an international policy to “fight Communism”. Sandus has only changed its foreign policy because of these policies which he so openly promotes and our obvious calls for some respect, for some dignity and for some peace & quiet have obviously fallen on the deaf ears of this organization and of our community, with the exception of some. I, honestly, can not get too involved with these issues right now – Sandus is still working on ratifying the Articles of the Provisional Government and working on establishing our government. Right now, we are fighting a battle with our eyes blind-folded and our right arm bound behind our backs; all we have are our feet, determination and our mind to keep us advancing on two logs in this turbulent river.

However, back to this article. Bradley, who said that Nick Maggiore’s words were “based on … little information” and that he hadn’t even checked his information. And, yet, to contradict M. Bradley: “I have been attacked by (I think) three people from St. Charlie”. I’m sorry, M. Bradley, but you want to criticize a well-acknowledged and respected reporter for not checking his information, and then you don’t check yours? It sounds like someone’s a hypocrit. And, M. Bradley’s call for correction on grammar & spelling a few paragraphs down highly contradict his admitting of being “dyslectic”. Personally, this irony is so stupid, so immature, that it makes me laugh and wonder what this politician will be like on their first-year anniversary and I personally believe he can not “perfectly defend [his] own”.

Personally, as someone who has been an active micronationalist since 2006 with the Republic of Trénois and a few other states, never have I ever seen such disgust, such painful naivety by any micronationalist within this community and its a shame to see a nation with such prospects for the future to be under the blind corruption of a lunatic. Not only has he systematically and professionally denied making himself look the victim, he has also seemingly forgotten that it was he who motion for these multilateral anti-Communist policies and essentially anti-Sandum policies within our international community. M. Bradley, you disdainful man, understand that Sandus and our people are not the aggressor here, it is you. You provoke our nation and then you blame us when we have replied with the slightest protective policies to our state concerning your provocation. You call us intolerant when you, yourself, condemn Islam, condemn Socialism. You call us and these people bad, let me show you who is bad, sir: you are. You are a coward to stand behind your disorder, to claim we attack you because of it, even when you provoke us with your disdained policies, your roses, sir. I am a macronational American citizen, sir, and I have been to a Muslim country, I have Muslim friends, I have been to a Mosque. Sir, how dare you call us intolerant. Have you ever been to a Muslim nation where you were welcomed by people – not so they could harm you but – because they are genuinely welcoming? Have you ever had the sun shine upon your face on the lawn at Arlington, onlooking as your cousin – who returned from Iraq on a cargo plane and in a box – was the recipient of a purple heart and of a folded flag? Sir, I have been victim – along with many millions of others – of those who proclaim themselves to be Muslim and by those – such as yourself – who hate Muslims. I have been afflicted by ignorance, on both sides of this debate, and I have come to love even these people. So, sir, how dare you call my nation and my people – of which I will defend them – intolerant. How dare you call us intolerant for criticizing and declaring that we will defend our society and state when you can not even look at the world and look at yourself and see the hypocrisy within your own words. If only were you Muslim, perhaps you would understand the word “hypocrit”.

And now I begin to lose steam. Sir, resign these policies or face our single determination to destroy them. Resign.