For the Sixth Anniversary of the Secession of Sandus from St.Charlie, we are especially glad that you have shown this interest in our unique, independent country.

Founded on 26 May 2009, Sandus went from a micronation established for fun—as most are—and became a serious and grave micronation, based instead on a national philosophy than on a principle of amusement. We welcome you to learn more about our country.
Établi le 26 mai 2009, le Sandus était micronation pour joliveté—comme la plupart de micronations—et il est dévenu micronation grave et sérieuse, orientée plus à la philosophie nationale que le principe d’amusement. Nous vous accueillons à découvrir plus de notre pays.

In the past six years, Sandus has matured into a complex and developed micronation. Established first as a monarchy in April 2011, the Sôgmô voluntarily ceded absolute power a few months later in favour of an elected monarchy. In December, the Party was enfranchised as an organ of our government and as a parliamentary institution. In October 2014, the Sôgmô proposed the creation of a direct democratic assembly, the Council, to provide another means of making laws and advising the sovereign.


We are especially proud of the achievements made by all Sandum citizens to the Sandum State in these past 6 years and we are indeed glad to share them with you through this portal.

We wish you a happy holiday on the occasion of the Day of Secession (20 February).

— Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola
10 February 2016