Style Guide

The Veriti Sande Style Guide is the State of Sandus’s official style guide. It prescribes how Sandus’s official languages operate in their official style and establishes the literary standards of the State of Sandus.


English in Sandus follows closely upon Canadian English in terms of orthography and spelling, though its diction and punctuation follow closely upon American English.

In terms of orthography, Sandus is more similar to Canadian and British forms of English. Nouns which end in -or in American English are spelled -our in Sandus, and words which include Zs are written with Ss. For example, in Sandus, it is the style to write “labour,” “fraternise,” and “organisation.”

In Sandus, nouns, which have a prefix that does not elide into the first vowel of the word, have a dieresis, such as in “coöperation.”

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