Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl

The Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl, formally known by its French name l’Ordre annonaire fraternel du Bol en bois, is Sandus’s third order in historical length and in precedence. The chivalric order was established on the Winter Solstice 2018 for philanthropy, charity, and almsgiving. Its primary language of business is French.

Members come from four ranks. There are two seigneurs (lords), four chevaliers bannerets (knights banneret), and eight chevaliers (knights). Of the fourteen, each member is entitled to appoint an écuyer (squire). The Sôgmô is one of the seigneurs, and is the sovereign of the order.

As part of its charter and mission, members must pay dues based on their rank. Dues are donated to a selected organisation in time for Chökhor Düchen, which falls on the fourth day of the Tibetan sixth lunar month (approximately late July to early August). The dues are calculated according to the price of the French Franc in 1945 in comparison to the US Dollar in 2015.

Read the founding règlement, or ordinance, here.

Blason of the Order, featuring the figure of the wooden bowl above a Dharmachakra.