Welcome to the website portal for the State of Sandus!

This website is under development as we celebrate the third year of the Party’s activity — an immensely important anniversary for us! Use the navigation bar at the top to navigate through the site. Veritum Sandus can be found here. Please excuse the mess while we construct the website!


Hello, and welcome to the Web Portal for the State of Sandus!
A half year after the creation of Sandus.org, the official web portal for the State of Sandus, we are still especially proud to have this relatively new website here. Never before in the history of our State has there been such an extensive collection of Sandum material and media; never before have the elements of our Sandum way been placed in a central and easily-accessible place. Now, in Winter MMXIV ad MMXV (2014-2015), Sandus.org’s importance resounds throughout the State. With the Party’s Congress in Novembro (November), the Sôgmô’s election on the Winter Solstice in Decembro (December), and the general building of the Sandum State and the Sandum Culture in the Winter season, Sandus.org has become an important feature for media in our State. From housing information on cooperatives to citizenship, from calendars on Sandum holidays to the annals of Sandum history, Sandus.org is and will remain an important feature in the running of the State of Sandus. Today, six months since its creation, Sandus.org still features frequent – at times, daily – unique visits from outside of the State of Sandus and outside of the intermicronational world: certainly a grand success for having a website that represents a fantastic patria such as ours!
In the next six months, Sandus has much more work to do to invigorate the Sandum People and the philanthropic work Sandus does in and out of our State. Part of this feature is transforming the function of Sandus.org into making it a truly republican Tabularium — where the annals of our own republic may be held —, so as to represent the increasingly inclusive and democratic running of the State of Sandus.
Thank you. — Merci. — Gratias.

— Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola
27 Sept. 2014

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