Welcome to the website portal for the State of Sandus!


Hello, and welcome to the Web Portal for the State of Sandus!
In the fourth year of the State of Sandus, the entire nation of Sandus celebrates its continued well-being thanks to the gradual forming of our republican system. In the past quarter year, Sandus has witnessed the creation and affirming of the Council of the State of Sandus, accompanied with our continued insistence on cultural independence, economic development, and political prowess. Now, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the foundation of the State of Sandus and the completion of the fifth year since Sandus’s creation, Sandus renews its activities for affirming a strong nation-state built on the laurels of our philosophy and dutiful work.
In the coming months, as the frontiers of Sandus reopen, Sandus will renew its insistence on professionalism in all affairs and in all realms. The strive for professionalism in our duty towards our self-created patria is founded on the basis of Libera and Realism, which see to it that our common weal be advanced through the correct and proper management of our whole State.
Nunc ad culturam faciendam a nobis, patria nostra linguam latinam adoptabit pro lingua cultura a decisione Consilii Sande. In futurum, operas culturas nostrae civitatis sic laudabimus, cultura nostra facto superano, ut res publica nostra melioretur a Sandibus civibus omnibusque hominibus aliarum gentium. Cum lingua latina elegerimus p.d. IV Kalendas Aprilis, totae tres linguae civitatis nostrae — lingua anglica et lingua franca et lingua latina — culturam libertatemque Sandum nostram promovebunt quo salus et felicitas et pax Sande populi meliores sint. Itaque te accipio, quod Sôgmô (rex electus) sum, ut Sandum intellegas et ames — enim Sandus patria civitasque est, facto a manibus nostris.
Thank you. — Merci. — Gratias.

— Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola
31 Mar. 2014

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