Welcome to the website portal for the State of Sandus!


Hello, and welcome to the Web Portal for the State of Sandus!
The past month has been a tremendously important time period for us. The 2014 Party Congress has approved the plan to establish a direct democratic council here in Sandus, has approved plans for economic and sociocultural leitourgíes, and has approved the rebranding of the Party to better reflect the political reality of today’s Sandus. In the past month, Sandus has celebrated traditional holidays and holidays not regularly celebrated. We have continued to develop Sandum culture by holding many exhibits for our holidays — to the point where some have asked if we ever intend to stop! Of course not, for the duty and work of the Sandum State, our Party, and the Sovereign People shall never cease!
In the next month, Sandus will prepare for the Winter Solstice, the traditional Winter holidays, and the national elections and referenda held on 21 December. We still have much work to do as a nation-state, however, to prepare. We must resolve the issues raised at the recent CCPS Party Congress and we look forward to the Year Plan of the newly elected CPS Party Secretary, Adam von Friedeck.
Thank you. — Merci. — Gratias.

— Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola
24 Nov. 2014

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