Welcome to the website portal for the State of Sandus!

This website is under development as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Sandus in Maio MMXIV (May 2014). Use the navigation bar at the top to navigate through the site. Veritum Sandus can be found here. Please excuse the mess while we construct the website!


Hello, and welcome to the State of Sandus’s new website!
Since 26 May 2009, Sandus has developed as a self-created nation-project, or “micronation.” Over the past five years, we have developed a national philosophy made in the awareness of human suffering, a nation rooted in compassion, and a people independent in all ways. These are the founding principles of Sandus — compassion, philanthropy, and self-aware individuality in our sovereign community. Here in Sandus, all citizens enjoy the rights established by the 
Founding Law and are expected to fulfil the legitimate and self-determined obligations of citizens in return for their rights in Sandus. In Sandus, we have a long history of national development with projects, programs, and policies – all of which you can find here on the Sandum portal and on Veritum Sandus, the official journal of the State of Sandus.
Sandus is as much about personal development as it is about national development and, while we prepare to achieve greater advances in our State of Sandus, we hope that you will share in our kind nation-project as either a friend or citizen of Sandus.
Thank you. — Merci. — Gratias.

— Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola

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