Established in December 2013, the Office of the Sôgmô now accepts liaisons to serve as representatives and experts of important matters of State-wide importance to the Central People’s Government. Begun as an initiative to seek outside involvement into Sandus, liaisons are also Sandus’s parts to accomplish social progressivism and social liberalism. In an effort to fight against social stigma and oppression, liaisons representing social topics are expected to be the “go-to” person when an issue arises. Whenever the Sôgmô has a question or topic relating to the liaison’s area of expertise, he will ask the liaison for their help and their advice.

Sandus currently has liaisons for the following area of expertise:

  • Racial Interests (K. Freeman)
  • Ethnic Interests (K. Romero)
  • Computer & Technological Affairs (A. Indurti)
  • Trans* Interests (D. Marshall)
  • Religious Minorities & Religious Diversity Interests (A. von Friedeck)

Sandus is currently considering candidates for:

  • LGBTQ+ Interests
  • Asian Interests
  • Women & Gender Interests
  • Computer & Technological Affairs
  • Horticultural Affairs
  • Business & Financial Affairs

To apply or recommend a liaison or area of expertise, contact the Office of the Sôgmô at

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