The Commission for the Command Economy (CCE) is a commission in the Citizens’ Party of Sandus, a cooperative tasked with long-term planning and advocacy of Sandum workers and of the Sandum Socialist economy and society. Established on 8 August 2015 as an independent commission in the state structure of Sandus, the commission became an organ of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus after the Philia Plan for the Major Societal Shift and the 2016 Party Congress. Today, the CCE is tasked with managing long- and medium-term planning in Sandus, as well as providing an oversight and management function of the Sandum command economy as a whole.

Its work was begun in earnest in 2017, when the State of Sandus created its first salaried positions and the CCE met for the first time. At its first meeting, the CCE approved the Sôgmô’s plans for workers’ salaries, the budget, and the economic powers of the Office of the Sôgmô and checks and balances in the command economy.

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