Royal Library of Sandus

BrS Logo.png

The Royal Library of Sandus (also known by its French name, Bibliothèque royale de Sandus) is the institution entrusted with the management of the Sôgmô’s library and citizens’ access to it, the first of its kind in the micronational world. A rudimentary catalogue of all media owned by the library can be found here. Requests for books can be submitted to the official Sandum email address,, and interlibrary loan requests can also be sent there. Sandus has a sizeable collection of ancient Greek and Roman literature, Buddhist literature, and education resources — especially for Sandum official languages and for history of the ancient Mediterranean.

The Royal Library also contains an archive of original Sandum documents, ranging from letters sent to the Sôgmô from foreign heads of state and to documents from the Central People’s Government of the State of Sandus. Digital copies of these documents are able to be requested by Sandum citizens and citizens of socilivançae.

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