Kremlum Sandus State College

State College Logo

Kremlum Sandus State College is the sole educational institution in the State of Sandus. Originally charged with granting Civila certificates that gave peregrae the ability to become civilae, this function was eliminated in August 2014 with the restoration of the previous one-month waiting period. Now, however, the State College is still charged with educating Sandum citizens about the State of Sandus, which it does through several online courses. While the schedule of courses is being reformed and the website of the State College is being renovated, courses are still able to be taken. In the future, about half a dozen courses on the basics of the Sandum Nation-State will be able to be accessed from the College as the College moves towards a primarily lecture-based, not course-based, method; courses will still be offered, but emphasis will instead be on periodic lectures.

Click here to be redirected to the website for Kremlum Sandus State College.

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